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Attendance Reporting

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BCU)

Combining rosters from multiple course sections into one section

Course Customization

Discussion Board


LinkedIn Learning

Monitoring students in a large class

Blackboard has a "Retention Center" tool that enables instructors to easily see students who haven't participated in class activities recently or have lower performance, and communicate with those students.  This tool is especially useful in large classes where instructors may not be able to track students' progress frequently. 

Peer Review and Assessment

Peer review and assessment can provide a powerful learning experience for students. On one hand, students can interact with peers and learn how to provide constructive critique. On the other hand, more importantly, students could gain deeper learning when they review and assess peers' work. To make peer review fair and more effective, provide criteria based on which students review peers' work and provide feedback. You can also involve students to develop criteria for peer review and assessment.

There are several tools for peer review and assessment in Bb.

Discussion Board

You can create a discussion forum and ask students to post their work by creating a thread, and review or assess peers' work by replying to peer's threads. To ensure all students get equal number of reviews, you can ask students to review to 2 peers' work, and each student can only get 2 reviews. That is, if student X has got 2 reviews, no one else should review student X' work.


Similar as Discussion Board, you can create a blog for students to post their work as blog entries. Each blog entry has a comment link at the bottom for peers and instructor to provide review feedback.

The Self and Peer Assessment and Turnitin PeerMark listed below provide structured peer review and assessment. These two tools ensure that each student will review the same number of peers' work by design.

Self and Peer Assessment

Turnitin PeerMark

Plagiarism Checking

Re-use Course Materials

Student View


Text Editor Tools

User Management

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