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Brightspace For Faculty

Brightspace tutorials and resources for faculty

Starting in Summer 2024, York College will use Brightspace (BrS) as the Learning Management System (LMS).

To access BrS, go to page and log in with your CUNY Login username and password. Bookmark this page on your favorite browser so that you can access it easily at any time.

If this is the first time you use BrS, we suggest that you follow our recommended workflow to build your course. Even when you want to re-use your course content created in Bb, you may find it helpful to review our recommended workflow.


Your BrS Settings

Set up your profile, choose your notification settings and account settings, familiarize yourself with the Brightspace landing page.


Setting up your course in BrS from scratch 

Define your course organization and navigation, set up gradebook, get the course ready for the first day of the class.


3a. Individual Activities

Create file submission assignments, Turnitin assignments, journal, quizzes.

3b. Group/Collaborative Activities

Create group projects, class discussions, group discussions, group collaboration on a document in One Drive.


Grading Course Work

Grade assignments, quizzes, discussion posts and group work.


Tasks at the end of a Semester

Export your course content for future use, download grades and more.

Migrating a course from Bb to Brightspace

Migrating a course from Bb to Brightspace includes two steps shown below. Follow the instructions in the linked web pages to migrate your course.

  1. Export your course from Bb
  2. Import the Bb course package in Brightsapce

Re-using a course migrated from Bb

If you want to re-use a course migrated from Bb, first, review the content and assignments in the migrated course and remove those you no longer use. Then, check the Gradebook and fix the weighted total issue if you use weighing to calculate the course grade. Next, you can copy this course into your BrS course. Afterwards, you can change the availability and due dates in your BrS course.

  1. Review the course content in the migrated course and remove those you no longer need
  2. Fix the gradebook issues in the migrated Bb course if you use weighted grading system
  3. Copy the migrated course into a BrS course
  4. Update the availability and due dates in your BrS course you are going to teach (You may need to click More on the top navigation bar to see the "Course Admin" link.)

Communication and Learner Engagement Tools


The Announcements tool enables you to communicate with students easily about course updates, send assignment due date reminders and can help you keep students on track.

Something new in BrS

The Announcements in BrS can be released based on conditions. For example, you can send a congratulation email to some students when they reach a milestone.

Something different in BrS from that in Bb

In BrS, there is no check box on the New Announcement page for you to ask BrS to send the announcement to students' emails. Your announcements will be sent to students automatically if they check the boxes for new announcement available and announcement updated on their Notifications page. By default, the boxes for these two items are checked for all users in CUNY.

Check out the following linked page on creating, editing an announcement and other actions on an announcement.

Creating an announcement in a BrS course

Sending emails to your students from your BrS courses

Something different in BrS than that in Bb

All user emails in BrS are their CUNY Logins. That is, These emails are mapped into the respective York emails. No personal emails are in BrS.

  • For faculty, the CUNY login email is mapped into their email.
  • For students, the CUNY login email is mapped into their email.

Below is a link to a short tutorial on how to send an email from your course to your students, and how to add your signature in all of your emails sent from BrS if you wish.

Send an email to your students from your course in BrS

Class Progress

A feature not found in Bb, the Class Progress in your course provides information and a visual presentation about your student's progress in the course. You can access it from your course top navigation bar. Review the linked web page below to learn the details of the Class Progress.

About Class Progress

Intelligent Agents

The "Intelligent Agents" tool in BrS courses enable instructors to set up rules for sending reminder emails to students when they haven't logged in to the course in x number of days, or the grade for an assignment, quiz is below a specific number/percentage, or the calculated course grade is below a specific number/percentage, and many more.

You can find the "Intelligent Agents" on your course top navigation bar. If not, click More on the right of the navigation bar to access it.

Click the links below to learn what "Intelligent Agents" can do, how to set them up and schedule them to run.

Online Meeting Tools

We recommend using Zoom or Microsoft Teams Meeting for online class meetings. Both of them are integrated in BrS. Although BrS has Virtual Classroom tool, it limits the meeting time to 50 min and doens't record attendance.

Accessing Zoom from your BrS course to create meetings

Accessing Microsoft Teams Meeting from your BrS course to create meetings

More BrS tools


Attendance tool in BrS allows instructors to record multiple class attendances. For example, you can have one to record the attendance in weekly class meetings, another to record the attendance in supplementary sessions to help students prepare for exams.

BrS uses Registers to separate different types of attendance. In most of the cases, instructors just need to create one Register to record the attendance of weekly class meetings. Review the web page linked below to learn how to create a Register and add sessions to the Register, set up your cause of concern percentage, record and manage the attendance.


Rubrics enable instructors to inform students about the assessment criteria which help students better understand assignment requirements. They also help keep consistency in grading assignments.

You can create rubrics in your course and easily re-use them in your other courses. When creating assessments, you can associate a specific rubric to a specific assessment.

Watch a short video below to learn how to create a grading rubric.

If you prefer to learn from the text version of this how-to, check the linked web page below.

Create a rubric using the Rubrics tool

Content Editor

In BrS, Content Editor appears in many places. It enables you to add formatted text, images, videos, tables, mathematical equations and many more, as well as to check the accessibility of the content and provide guidance to fix the accessibility issues.

Something new in BrS

Audio and video recording is available in the content editor.  Under the content editor, click Record Audio or Record Video to start.

Watch a short video below to learn what you can do with the Content Editor.

If you prefer to learn from the text version of this how-to, check the linked web page below.

About Brightspace Editor

Third-party tools integrated in BrS


Set up your eSyllabus in your Brs courses.

Adding the link to your eSyllabus in your BrS courses

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers high-quality comprehensive instructional videos for a diverse range of applications including Adobe Creative Suite and Office 365 suites such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SPSS, EndNote, etc. Content covers a wide range of subjects including "soft skills", coding, leadership development, business writing, and creativity.

York College provides all students, faculty, and staff with a free subscription to the vast collection of instructional video resources of LinkedIn Learning.

It is even better that instructors can add linkedIn Learning videos or courses in their Brightspace courses and see if students complete them in the Gradebook. The process is easy with a few clicks as illustrated in the linked page below.

Adding LinkedIn Learning content in your BrS courses

VoiceThread (VT)

VT is a cloud application that enables faculty and students to present, comment on and share content and ideas.  With VT faculty and students can have threaded conversations in text, images, audio and video formats.

VT is integrated in our Brightspace. You can create and post your lectures on VT and ask students to answer questions in your lectures in audio or video format asynchronously. You can also ask students to present their understanding of your course topics, and interact with one another in audio or video formats. To learn more, go to the linked web page below.

Using VoiceThread in your BrS courses

Accessing Turnitin, Textbook Publishers and other third-party tools

Turitin, Textbook publisher's platforms and other third-party tools can be access from one of the two places.

1. Go to any of the Content page. Click Existing Activities. You can scroll up and down to find the tool or platform on the dropdown box. For example, Turnitin.

Access Turnitin

2. If you cannot find the tool or platform you need on the Existing Activities dropdown box, click External Learning Tools. A pop-up window appears. You should find it there.

Access external learning tools

Comparison of Brightspace and Blackboard

Most of the tools in Blackboard can be found in Brightspace. But the same tools may have new or different features in Brightspace. On the linked page below, you can find the similarities and differences between Brightspace and Blackboard tools.

Comparison of Brightspace and Blackboard

Need more help? Contact the CTLET LMS Support Team


Walk-in Offices: AC-4EA1 and AC-4G01

Phone: (718) 262 - 5219

Online Live Support Room can be found in the CTLET site in Brightspace. After logging in to Brightspace, look at My Courses > Organizations tab.