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The Updated Content Editor in Bb

Information about the updated Content Editor in Bb SaaS system. The content on this page is adapted from CUNY's document on this topic.

Blackboard’s Content Editor has been streamlined to simplify adding content and to make it compatible with both a wider variety of hand-held devices and larger screens.  There are several improvements for accessibility and some new features, too.

Bb content editor toolbar

Here are the highlights:

  • Improved accessibility: click this icon Accessibility icon - clicking on to check accessibility of the content on the editor toolbar to check the accessibility of the content and fellow the onscreen instructions to ensure accessibility.
  • The power of Plus icon: click the Plus Bb content editor plus icon icon to upload files from your computer or cloud storages, embed images and other media content.
  • Better Copy and Paste: when you paste content from Word, Excel, or websites by pressing Ctrl + V (or Command C on a Mac), it will remove extra HTML but retain basic formatting. 
  • Simple Embed: click the chain icon icon to add a  web link to add links to YouTube and Vimeo videos, the videos are automatically embedded for inline playback. Other sites including The New York Times, WordPress, SlideShare and Facebook will embed summary previews.
  • Display Computer Code: click the icon computer programming code icon to choose from a list of computer programming languages. The pasted code will be formatted accordingly.
  • Better for All Devices: The editor is better suited for all devices—small screen or big. Pop-ups are gone for a better experience on mobile devices and tablets. Click the preview icon icon to preview the content.  

To see the content editor in action, watch the short video below. 


For a longer list of new text editor tips and functionality, see CUNY's Content Editor More Tips.  

CTLET York College CUNY Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0