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Teaching and Learning tools

Accessibility for Faculty

On this page you will find tutorials and guides on how to make your instructional materials and documents accessible.

Accessibility for Students

Frequently asked questions regarding accessibility by students.

VoiceThread for Faculty

Resources on using VoiceThread for interactive lectures, student presentations and much more

VoiceThread for Students

Tutorials on VoiceThread for students

Zoom for Faculty

On this page you will find individual tutorials for specific tasks commonly preformed by instructors in CUNY Zoom.

LinkedIn Learning

Contact information about Lynda Customer Support

Using the BrowseAloud Accessibility Toolbar

To activate BrowseAloud in Blackboard, click on the “Make this website talk” link, then Yes to continue.

Obtaining Session Attendance Report

After completing your Bb Collaborate Ultra session, you can view and download the attendance report. This is a tutorial on how to access, view and download the session report.

Sharing BCU Session Guest Link

This a faculty tutorial on how to share Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BCU) Session Guest Link