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Exam Announcement:

The Electrician (CUNY) Exam #2076 and Electrician (CUNY) (Pro) Exam #2526 are open today, October 8th 2021. The filing fee is $101.00.  The exams are open, competitive, and promotional.  Applications are NOT to be accepted at any college HR department or at the 395 Hudson street location.
Applicants wishing to complete the electronic application process or download the application or to apply for exams online: Go to the Online Application System (OASys) at:
to submit your online application and payment.
The NOE’s is available on the CUNY website (link is below).
If you have any questions regarding this exam, please email

Examination Lists:

Civil Service examination lists Listings of open positions at York and across the University can found by accessing the CUNY job board.

  • Go to
  • Search open Job postings and apply online
  • You will be contacted if you are considered for a position

What is the purpose of examinations?

The Civil Service Law mandates that applicants for positions in classified titles be examined on the basis of "merit and fitness." The examinations are intended to ensure fairness and equal opportunity for gaining employment at CUNY.

Must I take this examination in order to be considered for the position?

Yes, all permanent appointments to competitively classified positions must be filled by an unbiased examination of each applicant applying for such positions. In accordance with New York State Civil Service Law, permanent appointments to positions in competitive class titles can only be filled through the use of eligibility lists, which are generated as a result of an unbiased examination of all applicants.

What does it mean when a position is "classified?"

Classified means that the position has been assigned to an appropriate title based on the duties and/or the qualifications of the position. Classified titles have formal written statements that define the general character and scope of the duties and responsibilities of positions within that class.

What does "competitive" mean?

Competitive simply means that it is possible to administer an examination where applicants can compete with one another, on the basis of merit and fitness, for a given job opening.

For more information about civil service opportunities at CUNY, you may visit the CUNY website or use the following link:

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