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Integrating Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session Report to Grade Center

This tutorial shows how you can integrate Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session reports into Blackboard Attendance tool, and in turn into the Grade Center.


  • This feature only works for students who joined your session from the session link in your course. If they joined your session via a guest link, you can see their attendance in the session report, but not on the Attendance page where you will need to manually modify the attendance for these students.
  • For the sessions you have conducted without enabling this integration, you will need to manually add columns on the Attendance page and record the attendance accordingly.

If you haven’t used the Bb Attendance tool before, you will need to first enable it in your course and familiarize yourself with this tool by reviewing the tutorial on how the Bb Attendance tool works.

  1. After you enable the Attendance tool, go to the Grade Center to view the Attendance column that has been added to the right.
  2. Go to the Collaborate Ultra page. Create a New Session and then click on the Attendance reporting icon at the upper right of the Event Details panel.
  3. Put a check in the box next to “Share attendance information with the LMS”.
  4. Update the remaining “Late After”, “Absent After”, and “Required Time in Session” fields as needed. Based on the criteria you set, Collaborate tracks if a student is present, late, or absent from a session. Collaborate then sends that information directly to the Attendance page in your Blackboard Learn course, which in turn updated the Attendance grade in the Grade Center.
  5. Click on Create to save the session.