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Uploading videos to LinkedIn Learning

Tutorial on how to upload instructional videos to LinkedIn Learning

Make sure that you and your students have a valid email in Blackboard.

  1. In your Blackboard (Bb) course, go to a content area such as “Course Materials” or “Assignments”
  2. Click “Build Content,” then “York LinkedIn Learning”
    Build Content, then YC LinkedIn Learning
  3. Note: this link will provide you with access to LinkedIn Learning system to browse and pick existing video content. Later in this tutorial, you will find steps to post links to specific videos for your students
  4. For the reasons stated in step 3, we recommend you give a generic name such as “Access to LinkedIn Learning” and make it unavailable to students unless you want students to browse courses and videos in LinkedIn Learning themselves
  5. Click "Submit"
  6. Click the newly created link to access LinkedIn system
    LinkedIn System link
  7. In LinkedIn Learning page, on the top right, click “Go to Admin” link
    Go to Admin link
  8. Click "Content" on the top banner
    Content button in LinkedIn Learning
  9. Click “Custom Content” tab
    Custom Content

  10. To upload your video, click “Start Now” then “Upload content.” Note: the supported video formats are wmv, mov, mp4 and m4v
    Start now, then Upload content

  11. Pick your video file to upload. It takes some time to process your video. Once it is completed, click “Add details”
    Add details button

  12. On the “Add details” pop-up box, fill in the required fields. Note that "Skills" field is a required field, and you need to use the key words for skills pre-set by LinkedIn Learning. Start by typing in your video topic or subject in the “Search for skills” box. The pre-set skill key words will appear. Select the one that best fits your topic and click "Save"
    Add details page

  13. You can publish by clicking the "Publish" button. You can find your published videos in the "Library" tab, and the not published videos in the “Content queue” tab. You can only share a published video with your students
    Publish button

  14. Click the "Library" tab. Then click the 3-dot on your video and select “Get SSO URL”
    Library, 3 dots, Get SSO URL

  15. Go back to your Bb course area where you want to post the link to the selected course/video. Click “Build Content” then Web Link. Type in an appropriate Name and paste the SSO URL from LinkedIn Learning in the URL field. Then check the box “This link is to a Tool Provider”
    Web Link Info checkbox

  16. You will see the option to enable Evaluation.  Check Yes, input a number for “Points Possible.”  Check the box for Due Date and set the due date and time

    Add Points Possible

  17. Click "Submit". A grade column is created in your course Grade Center.  In this column, you will find students progress in the LinkedIn Learning video or course.

  18. Repeat steps 6 – 16 to upload and link each of the videos you want your students to watch.

CTLET York College CUNY Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0