How to play the audios

You can play the audio on your phone or on a browser. If you play the audio files on a browser, please use Firefox browser. On other browsers you cannot move the audio play control backward or forward, you will have to re-start the audio from the beginning.

The Beeps in the audio tutorials

The Beep or “It’s-your-turn sound” in the audios indicates the best place to pause the audio and work on the instructed steps.

The Textbox Toolbar: A Tour

Re-using Course Materials

If you want to re-use the materials from a course you taught in a previous year, Bb has tools to make your life easier. You can use Bb’s “Course Copy” tool to copy the materials from a previous course to the new one if:

  • You can find the previous course on Bb “My Courses” module, or
  • You can find the previous course in “Personalize: My Courses” page. How to get there? Click the hidden gear icon on the top right of “My Courses” module. On the “Personalize: My Courses” page, check the checkbox under “Course Name” for the course and click Submit.

Otherwise, you can use Bb’s “Import Package” tool to import the course materials from your previous course if you exported the course and saved the exported file on your computer or a network drive.

If you cannot find the exported course file in your computer,

  • Create a ticket on Y-Connect or email to ask for retrieval of your old course from the University Blackboard archives. It takes up to 3 days to retrieve your course.
  • Once your old course is restored, follow the tutorial on “Course copy: re-use materials from a course you can find on Bb” to copy materials from the restored course to your new course.

You cannot copy or export/import Bb Collaborate sessions. You can re-use a recorded session by downloading it and posting it in another course using a video streaming tool in Bb.

Course copy: re-use materials from a course you can find on Bb

Course import: re-use materials from a course that is no longer on Bb