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Resources for Students

Syllabi should include information about the specific resources available to students.

Please include the following information in your syllabus:

York College Collaborative Learning Center

Located in the Academic Core 1C18, The Collaborative Learning Center assists students with writing skills. The Center offers scheduled tutoring, drop-in tutoring and workshops. For more information, stop by, call (718) 262-2494, or check the CLC Website. 

York College Resources

Computers with word processing software and Internet access are available in the library and in computer labs.

York College Library

York College Computer Labs

English as Second Language (ESL) Tutoring Center: Tutoring is available for ESL students in Academic Core 3C08. Call (718) 262-2831 for schedule.

Students with Disabilities:

Students with disabilities may contact the Center for Students with Disabilities to learn about and gain access to resources available to them at the college. See their website for more details.

*Students with disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations in order to help them succeed in your classes. It is the students’ responsibility to identify themselves to you and provide you with the documentation of their accommodations, as outlined by the Office of Students with Disabilities. Please be as accommodating as you can within the guidelines laid out in the documentation letter.

 If you need any assistance with interpreting the guidelines laid out for any student’s accommodations, or if you need further guidance, please contact the Deputy Chair, Writing Program Director, or Department Chairperson. Please contact Lisa Maycock at lmaycock@york.cuny.edu if you need assistance or support while working with a student with disabilities who has identified themself to you with a letter stating their reasonable accommodations, or in some other way.