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Faculty Resources

Course and Contact Information

Required course and contact information for ENG 126 syllabi

Description from Bulletin

All ENG 126 syllabi must include the course description exactly as is appears in the York College Bulletin:

Composition II: Writing About Literature

ENG126 (Liberal Arts) Composition II: Writing About Literature 1 conference hr + 3 hrs. 3 crs. A composition course which takes literature as its subject matter, ENG 126 builds on the competencies developed in ENG 125, in close reading, argumentation, and writing from sources, and applies them in a new context. Students read a variety of short literary works including poetry, fiction, and/or drama, and practice responding to them in class, and writing about them both informally and formally. Students also produce a research paper related to themes or questions evoked by the literature. Students will spend one hour per week in conferences, collaborative learning activities, or peer review. Preq: ENG 125. This course may be offered as an online course. [Required Core: English Composition] 

All of the items listed below should be included on the syllabus:

Course Information

  • course number
  • course title
  • designated course section (eg. MN3 or PQ2)
  • semester and year (eg. Fall 2021)
  • college name in full (York College, CUNY).

Time and Place of Course Meetings

  • room numbers
  • days of the week
  • times of day (start to finish)

Contact Information

  • instructor’s name
  • email address and office phone number
  • office location
  • office hours