Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

English 125

Resources for faculty teaching English 125, Composition I: Introduction to College Writing

Sample Syllabi

Sample syllabi for English 125

Assignments and Rubrics

Formal assignment requirements with sample prompts and sample rubric

Academic Integrity Statement

Academic Integrity and English 125


Recommendations for class participation

Course and Contact Information

Required course and contact information for ENG 125 syllabi

Grading Policies

Determining final grades in English 125

Grading Breakdown

Sample breakdowns for the final grade

Learning Objectives

Common Learning Objectives for ENG 125 syllabi

Required Texts

Reading selections in ENG 125 focus on non-literary genres.

Research Skills in ENG 125

Approaches to research in first semester composition

Resources for Students

List of student resources for syllabi

Annotated Bibliography Sample Assignment

A sample Annotated Bibliography Assignment for ENG 125

Assignment Sequence Sample 2

Assignment Sequence Sample from 2013


In this prompt for the Final Paper (#3), students are asked to find their own connections among the sources.

ENG 125 Sample Syllabus A (NR)

A complete sample syllabus for ENG 125 with readings from the Norton Reader.

ENG 125 Sample Syllabus: Online and Asynchronous

A fully online/asynchronous sample syllabus for ENG 125.

ENG 125 Rubric Sample 1

Rubric sample for grading ENG 125 essay

ENG 125 Sample Syllabus B (OER)

A complete sample syllabus for ENG 125 with OER readings.

First Week Activities for Online ENG 125

Suggested activities for a fully online section of ENG 125.