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There is no common text for WRIT 300, but readings must be assigned.

All WRIT 300 courses should have FOUR OR FIVE assigned readings (chosen by the instructor) that serve as examples of research writing appropriate to the course and/or theme. WRIT 300 courses are focused on research writing, which is inextricably linked to reading practices. The assigned readings for WRIT 301, 302, and 303 should be expository (NOT literary). There is no required anthology; instructors can make readings available on Blackboard if they would like.

Many instructors choose to assign sections from writing handbooks and/or the Purdue OWL. Please note: it is recommended that WRIT 300 instructors assign four or five print and/or online examples of research writing for students to read/analyze that may work in tandem with any assigned sections from the writing handbooks. In other words, teaching from handbooks alone will not provide adequate reading for students in WRIT 300.

Although this is not required, many instructors like to choose a theme for their WRIT 300 courses as a way to connect the assigned readings and help students maintain focus in their final research papers. Some themes used in previous semesters include environmental justice, technology in the workplace, socioeconomic equality, food and culture, gender in the health professions, parenting, language and power, bioethics and so on.

If you do not choose a theme for your course, please ensure that the readings you assign incorporate research in ways that show students how a paper can synthesize multiple sources/perspectives while sustaining control and focus.