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Grading Breakdown

Sample breakdowns for the final grade

Required Elements

English 125 requires four (4) formal writing assignments: three (3) formal papers of 3-6 pages, and an annotated bibliography assignment that asks students to summarize 3-4 sources. The three formal papers must be worth at least sixty percent (60%) of the final grade.

All formal assignments in English 125 should be written under revision conditions: drafts should be submitted for feedback on content and organization by peers and the instructor.

Aim for transparency in outlining your grading breakdown on the syllabus. Please follow these guidelines in determining how to weight the assignments:

  • The three formal papers, together, must be worth at least 60% of the final grade.
  • Percentages for each specific assignment should be listed clearly. For example: Paper #1: 15%.
  • The annotated bibliography assignment should be 10% of the final grade.
  • The department-wide final examination should be 10% of the final grade.

Grading Breakdown Sample #1

Grades Percentage
Participation: Responses, Quizzes, Discussion 10%
Paper #1 (3-4 pages) 15%
Paper #2 (4-5 pages) 25%
Paper #3 (5-6 pages) 30%
Annotated Bibliography 10%
Department Final Examination 10%

Grading Breakdown Sample #2

Final grades ranging from A to F will be based upon completion of all course requirements (writing and reading assignments, class participation and attendance) and the Final Examination. The three formal papers will make up the majority of your grade, as outlined below: 

Grades Percentage
Paper #1 with outline & drafts (3-4 pages) 15%
Paper #2 with outline & drafts (4-5 pages) 25%
Paper #3 with outline & drafts (4-6 pages) 25%
Annotated Bibliography for Paper #3 (3-4 sources) 10%
Department Final Exam 10%
Reading Questions & In-Class Writing 15%