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Required Texts

Reading selections in ENG 126 focus on literary genres.

For English 126, we use:

Gardner, Janet E., et al., editors. Literature: A Portable Anthology. 5th ed. Bedford, 2021.

ISBN 978-1319215033.

( The table of contents is available here).

Please note when assigning readings that composition courses must include a minimum of nine (9) print and/or online reading selections. In this course, we aim to explore a range of literary genres including fiction, drama, and poetry.

One key difference between ENG 125 and ENG 126 is the genre of texts they ask students to focus on. As ENG 125 is dedicated to non-fiction genres, we ask that instructors of ENG 126 focus more on literary genres when selecting primary texts. However, it is likely that you will want to draw on critical, historical, and scholarly texts as secondary sources throughout the semester to prepare students for the research writing they will be asked to do in the third and final paper.