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English 125/126/200 Workshop Videos

These videos, recorded in Spring 2013, provide an overview of three of our Pathway's courses for faculty: ENG 125, ENG 126, and ENG 200.

An important caveat about these videos: these are recorded faculty workshops from 2013 and contain much information that is still valuable and germane to the way we view these courses. However, we have since made adjustments to the way we tackle the role of research in ENG 125 and ENG 126. While there are multiple references in these videos to a required research paper in ENG 125, at this time ENG 125 does NOT require a research paper. We now divide the research tasks in these two courses in this way:

  • In ENG 125, we ask students to practice research skills by doing an Annotated Bibliography;
  • In ENG 126, we ask students to practice research writing by writing a Research Paper as their third paper.

Second, the Attendance policy has changed. Updated language about attendance and participation can be found here.

English 125

English 126

English 200