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English Department Faculty Resources

English 125
Resources for faculty teaching ENG 125, Composition I: Introduction to College Writing

English 126
Resources for faculty teaching English 126, Composition II: Writing about Literature

Writing 300
On this page you will find several resources to support your teaching of Writing 301, 302 and 303. We recommend that any new WRIT 300 instructor read the "Guide to Teaching Writing 300," included below. Please use the syllabus template, also included in a link below, as you create the documents for your own course. Writing 300 includes several formal writing assignments: 2 short papers at the beginning of the semester, a research proposal, and annotated bibliography, a research paper that emerges from an extended research and drafting process, and a reflective final essay. The final paper should account for about 40% of the course grade.

English 125/126/200 Workshop Videos
All faculty members were invited to attend a series of workshops in Spring 2013 so that they would be qualified to teach York College’s new general education courses.