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CardinalReserve Policies

General Policies for the CardinalReserve System

The policies that manage the CardinalReserve system are established and approved by the Library Administration. Policies can change based on a variety of requirements and practical needs. The policies below have been establish as a based line but can and will be reviewed periodically to insure optimal functionality and fairness of the system. This is not a remote control system. Messages can be sent to individual computers for alerts and notifications as needed.

Basic Policies

Minimum Slot Time - 15 Minutes - 

Maximum Booking Duration - 2 Hours

Can Extend Session - Yes

Maximum Extend Time - 60 Minutes

Number of Times Session Can Be Extended - 1 (After this if computer is not booked, you can re-book it as needed)

Login Wait Time - 10 Minutes (Grace period system will wait for you to show up for your reservation)


Level 1 Warning Time - 30 Minutes (You will be warned 30 min before your active session expires)

Level 2 Warning Time - 15 Minutes (You will be warned 15 min before your active session expires)

Level 3 Warning Time - 5 Minutes (You will be warned 5 min before your active session expires)

Critical Note: Do not wait for any warning for backing up your work. You should always be saving your work. When the session is over the system will automatically log you out and you will not have any opportunity to save your work if you waited for the session to end.

Other Settings

Display user name on booked computers - No (Your name is not displayed on a machine that is booked)

Inactivity Timeout - 15 Minutes (Machine will become available for reservation to others)

Lock Timeout - 15 Minutes (Bathroom break or other break as needed. Machine will become available for reservation to others after this timeout)

Logon wait time on reboot - 15 Minutes (If no one logs in within 15 minutes of a reboot during your reservation, machine will become available for reservation to others)


Number of Days Reservations can be made in advance - 1

Maximum Number of Reservations allowed per day - 3

Allowed Reservation Methods - Walk-Up and Advanced Reservations


If you have any feedback on any of these CardinalReserve restrictions and policies for this system please submit a YConnect self-service case at login with your Network ID and click on the "Have a Problem" report button, select the York IT Service Desk queue if prompted, add a brief description and select for category "Feedback". We will do our best to get a response by directing your feedback to the appropriate party. 

Report A Problem

If you have any problems or would like to report a problem with the CardinalReserve system use the same YConnect self-service portal or visit our IT Service Desk in the Library.