Information Technology

Information Technology

Service Delivery

The Service Delivery Division of IT is your main contact point for all IT-related incidents, requests, and inquiries and technology related resources.

Technology Support

Key ways to connect with Information Technology Services (ITS):


York ITS Hotline (718) 262-5311


Email our Service Desk at


Stop by the Welcome Center between 9am-5pm weekdays. join the virtual line CardinalQ

As the cornerstone of IT technology fulfillment for the entire campus, the Service Delivery Division operates at the heart of technology services, ensuring seamless and efficient support for all facilities across the York campus. In close collaboration with the Information Technology Department, our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions for computing incidents, manage requests, support campus events, and address inquiries. We are dedicated to serving the York campus community, including students, faculty, and staff, by facilitating a smooth and effective technology experience.

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