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Action Required: Deletion of Zoom Cloud Storage Files

CUNY is approaching its Zoom cloud storage limit as specified in our enterprise contract. Exceeding this limit will result in additional costs.Effective September 25, 2024, files in Zoom cloud storage older than 120 days will be deleted to prevent surpassing our storage allocation.

Action Required Before September 25: Proactively Manage Your Zoom Cloud Storage

To avoid losing any files on September 25, please start managing your Zoom cloud storage files now. Please access your CUNY Zoom account, review your files in Zoom cloud storage, and begin:

Steps to Take:

  • Delete unnecessary files.
  • Download files you wish to retain to your Microsoft 365 OneDrive, CUNY Dropbox, or your computer.
  • Additional Recommendations:

    • Disable automatic meeting recordings and only record necessary meetings.
    • Set automatic recordings to save to Microsoft 365 OneDrive, CUNY Dropbox, or your computer instead of Zoom cloud storage.

    For detailed instructions on managing your Zoom recordings and settings, please refer to the following resources on the Zoom website, including Zoom FAQs and CUNY IT Help:

    Important Note:

    Deleted files can be recovered within 30 days. An alert will be sent seven days before a file is permanently deleted. For recovery instructions, see "Recovering a deleted local or cloud recording" on the Zoom website.

    Thank you for taking immediate action to manage your Zoom cloud storage files and help CUNY stay within its storage allocation.

    Please contact Help Desk if you have any questions about managing your Zoom cloud storage files.