The Information Technology Infrastructure office provides reliable, continuous, secure storage and computing facilities to support students, faculty and staff while maintaining uninterrupted network and voice connectivity service.


  1. Provide secure, reliable and high quality converged voice services.
  2. Improve cloud-based application security
  3. Improve endpoint security
  4. Improve network support-ability and reliability by upgrading/removing unsupported network switches with new state-of-art equipment.
  5. Improve IT Infrastructure capacity management and forecasting.
  6. Improve computing and storage management
  7. Upgrade messaging system
  8. Provide high availability and resiliency in Disaster Recovery strategy by improving and expanding Data Center.

All office and lab computers on campus are connected to the network, thus providing a seamless sharing of the college computer network and Internet resources. About 2500 network connections have been installed, in addition to wireless connectivity. The Network is based on a switched Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet backbone. A high-speed fiber ring connects the York College Network to the UCC (University Computer Center), thereby providing high-speed access to the Internet and all other CUNY campuses including UCC.

Faculty/Staff VPN

Student VPN