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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Please note: all results from the department will only be sent to the students' York College email accounts. This page will assist students who have been denied aid because they have not met Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy requirements.

York College is required to monitor whether or not a student is maintaining Title IV Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in their course of study, compliant with federal and state regulations. Students who have been denied federal and/or state aid because they have not met the requirements of the SAP policy are offered the opportunity to submit an appeal to be considered for a financial aid probationary status.

SAP Guidelines

General Information

  • In some cases, a student’s failure to be in compliance with SAP is due to unforeseen events beyond the student’s control. If such extenuating circumstances can be documented for the specific semester(s) when the deficiencies occurred, the student may initiate the appeal process.
  • Completion of this process does not guarantee the reinstatement of financial aid eligibility. Students are responsible for payment of tuition regardless of their financial aid status. It is also the student's responsibility to be aware of all York College registration and payment deadlines.
  •  In order to be considered for full financial aid eligibility after failing to meet SAP, a student must submit an appeal. The mere passage of time will not be sufficient enough for a student to regain financial aid eligibility.
  • The SAP Committee will meet at regularly scheduled times to consider SAP appeals.  After the SAP Committee has rendered a decision, students will be officially notified via their York College email accounts. 
  • There are three general reasons as to why students fail Satisfactory Academic Progress and can lose their financial aid: Qualitative Standard: Cumulative GPA, Quantitative Standard: Pace of Progression, Maximum Time Frame

Qualitative Standard: Cumulative GPA

The minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) required based on total credits attempted. (Undergraduate and graduate students have different standards.)

Undergraduate Qualitative Standards
Credits Attempted0.5 to 1213 to 24>25
Minimum Cumulative GPA1.501.752.00

Graduate Qualitative Standards
Credits Attempted0.5>
Minimum Cumulative GPA3.0

Quantitative Standard: Pace of Progression

Measure of pace of progress. Students are required to complete a percentage of the total credits they attempt. (Undergraduate and graduate quantitative standards are different.)

Undergraduate Quantitative Standards
Credits Attempted0.5 to 24.99925 to 30.99931 to 36.99937 to 45.99946 to 48.99949 to 60.99961 to 72.99973 to 94.99995 to 120.999
Percent % Earned0% or more15% or more25% or more35% or more40% or more45% or more50 % or more55% or more60% or more

Credits Attempted

121 to 129.999

130 to 138.999139 to 150.999151 to 151.999152 to 156.999157 to 164.999165 to 180.999>181
Percent % Earned61% or more62% or more63% or more64% or more65% or more66% or more66.69% or more100% or more

Graduate Quantitative Standards

Graduate students must earn two-thirds of the credit hours that they attempt.

Maximum Time Frame

Students may not attempt more than 150 percent of the credits required for the degree they are seeking.

SAP Appeal Application Process

Students will be notified via CUNYfirst and York College email that they are no longer eligible for financial aid and have failed to meet SAP requirements.  Students must have the following completed and submitted to the OSAS Secure Portal in order to have a complete SAP Appeal Application

  • SAP Appeal Form
  • Well-written personal statement explaining the extenuating circumstance that caused failure to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements for the semester in question
  • Academic Plan of Action - Signed by an Advisor (PELL only)
  • Documentation to support your extenuating circumstance/ extreme situation
SAP Appeal Form
  • The SAP Appeal form will attached to the email sent to your York College email account with the notification of the failure to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements
  • Please fill out the form completely and SIGN IT
Personal Statement
  • Well-written personal statement explaining the extenuating circumstance that caused poor academic performance during the semester in question
  • Must be a typed statement
Academic Plan of Action (PELL Only)
  • The Academic Plan should be filled out by the student and the Advisor together
  • Both the student and the Advisor must sign the form
  • The form can be found on the Financial Aid's Website here: Academic Plan of Action


Students must submit documentation to support the claim in their personal statement of extenuating circumstances/ extreme situations during the semester in question. Documentation can consist of:

  • Evidence of personal illness (physician’s statement, hospital records, etc.) involving hospitalization or extended confinement
  • Evidence of death of an immediate family member (copy of death certificate required) of an immediate family member (mother, father, child, sibling, grandparent)
  • Evidence of illness of an immediate family member of which you were the primary caretaker requiring your absence from classes for an extended period of time (must include a statement from a physician, social worker, etc. indicating your primary caretaking role with dates) 
  • Evidence of an emotionally disabling condition that prevented you from attending classes (must include a statement from a licensed physician, psychologist, social worker, etc.) 
  • Evidence of military duty (deployment orders)
  • Evidence of involvement with social agencies; government entities; incarceration; or similar reasons that prevented you from attending classes (official documents with dates)
  • Evidence of birth of your child during the semester (birth certificate)
  • Evidence of any other extenuating circumstances/ extreme circumstances (eviction notice, divorce papers, police reports, etc.).  (official documents with dates)

Once all of the above have been completed and obtained, please upload all of the documents to the OSAS Secure Portal. The link can be found below, or to the left of this page highlighted in yellow titled 'Secure Form Upload'.

OSAS Secure Portal

If you have any questions please reach out to the Office of Student Academic Services at

SAP Workshop Flyer (new) 2.0

* (Please note; All students who submit their appeal after the stated deadline will not be reviewed by the committee, and will not be eligible to recieve financial aid for the term)