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CAPS Deadlines

The Committee on Academic Policy and Standards (CAPS) upcoming Fall 2023 Deadlines

Please note: all results from the department will be sent through the OSAS secure portal.

If you would like a detailed description of your decision, please reach out to using your York College email.

CAPS Readmission Petition review for Fall 2023 has ended. All Incoming Readmission Petitions will be for Spring 2024.

Next Student Petition Submission Deadline: Septemeber 11, 2023



September 11, 2023

*All submitted petitions*

October 9, 2023

*All submitted petitions*

November 3, 2023

Appeal of Denials ONLY

November 13, 2023

Last meeting to review petitions for:

-Deadline for petition submission for an Extension of INC Grade for Spring 2023 or Summer 2023

-All other submitted petitions*

December 11, 2023

Last meeting to review petitions for:

-All Excess Credits for Winter 2024

-All other submitted petitions*

The Committee of Academic Policy and Standards (CAPS) deadlines are subject to change.