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Committee on Academic Policy and Standards

The Committee on Academic Policy and Standards (CAPS) is a standing committee of the York College Senate.

Next Student Petition Submission Deadline: October 9, 2023

Student Submission Deadlines

Topics of Meetings

August 7, 2023 This deadline has passed

Last meeting to review petitions for:

-All Readmission petitions for Fall 2023

-All Excess Credits for Fall 2023

*All submitted petitions*

September 11, 2023 This deadline has passed

*All submitted petitions*

October 9, 2023

*All submitted petitions*

November 3, 2023

Appeal of Denials ONLY

November 13, 2023

Last meeting to review petitions for:

  • Deadline for petition submission for an Extension of INC Gradefor Spring 2023 or Summer 2023

*All submitted petitions*

December 11, 2023

Last meeting to review petitions for:

  • All Excess Credits for Winter 2024

*All submitted petitions*

*Any submitted Readmission, Retroactive Withdrawal, Excess Credit, Change of Grade, Waivers, Follow Old Gen. Ed., Other, etc. petitions will be reviewed (excluding Appeal of Denial)*

The CAPS Committee reviews and recommends policies related to the academic standards of the College, as well as the procedures for their implementation. The CAPS Committee also hears and decides upon petitions and appeals of students deviating from established policy.

NO petitions will be accepted via email. All petitions must be submitted to the  OSAS Secure Portal in order to be reviewed by the CAPS Committee.

Please note; all decisions/results from the department will be sent through the OSAS Secure Portal emailing services. The email used to register for the Secure Portal System will be the email you receive the decision notification to.

To submit documents onto the OSAS Secure Portal, please use your York College Network if you are a current student or you can Register with your personal email if you are not enrolled at this time.

Seeking to Petition or Appeal?

If you are seeking to petition/appeal for:

  • Readmission
  • Appeal of Dismissal
  • Appeal of Denial
  • Retroactive Withdrawal
  • Excess Credit
  • Other
  • Follow Old Gen. Ed.
  • Waiver
  • Extension of an Incomplete (INC) Grade
  • Grade Change (after deadline)

Navigate to the Petitions/Appeals for more information.

All petitions must include a typewritten personal statement describing in detail the relief requested. The student must provide supporting documentation for all petitions. No petition will be accepted or acted upon after a student has been certified for graduation.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or have any questions please contact us at