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Appeal of Denial

The Appeal of Denial meeting only takes please once a semester. The CAPS Committee holds a meeting once in the Fall semester, and once in the Spring semester.

General Information

  • The Appeal of Denial process is a lot like the Readmission/Appeal of Dismissal process
  • It differs from the Readmission/Appeal of Dismissal process in that the Committee asks you to thoroughly explain your plan of action in your personal statement
  • If readmitted to York, how will you get your GPA above 2.0 and how do you plan to keep your GPA above 2.0? 
  • There is no guarantee that your Appeal of Denial petition will be approved by the Committee.

Due Dates

  • The next Appeal of Denial meeting will take place April, 2023. However, we do encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible. 
  • If you are approved, you will be readmitted to the college for the FALL 2023 semester.


  1. Please download and complete the Appeal of Denial Petition. You may download the petition labeled “Appeal of Denial” at the bottom of this page.
  2. All students seeking an Appeal of Denial must submit a typed personal statement that explains: any extenuating circumstances that caused their GPA to fall below a 2.0, any activities they have engaged in that would indicate a probability for future academic success, including a plan of action on how you will be successful if allowed readmission to York College. – tutoring, workshops, etc.
  3. Also, students MUST SUBMIT supporting documentation that supports the reasons for their past academic difficulties (ex; medical documents, birth certificates, death certificates, military documents, court documents, police records, letters from your employer, letters from your health care provider, etc.)
  4. Navigate to the yellow Secure Form Upload tab on the left side of this webpage. Upload the completed Appeal of Denial petition form, a typed personal statement, photo ID, as well as any supporting documentation onto the secure portal.
  5. Please review all documents you have submitted for accuracy in uploading. 


  • No petitions will be reviewed by the CAPS Committee if the petition is submitted by email
  • To submit documents onto the secure portal, please use your York College email and York College email password.
  • If you do not have access to your York College credentials, you can create a temporary account by clicking on the "Register" button within the secure portal.
  • If you are having trouble creating or logging into your account, please contact the York College Help Desk at

Appeal of Denial Petition Form