Circulation and Reserve Services

The borrower's valid CUNY ID must be presented in order to borrow books or reserve materials.

Once a semester only, and only during the first three weeks of the semester, the borrower's current state ID may be used if the borrower has a valid CUNY ID that is validated for the current semester (and verified in the online circulation system) but is not able to produce it. After those first three weeks, only the borrower's valid CUNY ID will be accepted in order to borrow books or to access reserve materials.

Book Loan

Available to:

  • Current York students, faculty and staff
  • Current CUNY students, faculty and staff
  • York Alumni (with valid ID and valid YC Alumni Association card)
  • CUNY retirees (with valid retiree ID card)
  • Students attending the Queens High School for the Sciences at York College (QHSSYC)
  • Students attending the York Early College Academy (YECA) who have completed the 8th grade
  • Prelude to Success Program students
  • York College Honors Program students

Loan period:

  • York College students - four (4) weeks
  • York College faculty - sixteen (16) weeks
  • York College staff - six (6) weeks
  • York College adjunct faculty - six (6) weeks
  • CUNY students - four (4) weeks
  • CUNY Doctoral students - eight (8) weeks
  • York College Alumni (with valid ID and valid York Alumni Association card) - three (3) weeks
  • QHSSYC students - three (3) weeks
  • Eligible YECA students - three (3) weeks
  • Prelude to Success Program students - three (3) weeks
  • CUNY faculty - eight (8) weeks
  • CUNY staff - four (4) weeks

All categories can renew once except CUNY Doctoral students, who can renew twice.

Loan limit:

  • Seven (7) items per person

Overdue charge:

  • $.25 per item per day
  • $20 maximum

Lost book fines:

  • $25 processing fee per item
  • Price in Books In Print or from other authoritative sources
  • $25 per item for out-of-print items

Note: All fines are paid in the Bursar's Office (AC-1H01). Failure to pay fines may result in a block in your records. As per the uniform fines policy set by the Board of Trustees, all faculty and staff are also responsible for overdue and/or lost book charges. When you borrow materials from other libraries (whether through CLICS or ILL), circulation and overdue fines and/or lost book fees of the lending library apply, including for faculty and staff.

Reserve Loans

  • Most items are searchable through CUNY+
  • A majority of reserve books and materials may be borrowed for two (2) hours and are restricted to use in the Library.
  • A small number of reserve books and materials may be borrowed for three (3) days, but may be borrowed only once per week with a three-day break between loan periods.
  • Only York College students, staff, and faculty may borrow personal copies that instructors have placed on reserve in the York College Library.

Reserve fines:

  • For two (2) hour loans: overdue charge is 10 cents per minute, which is equal to $6.00 per hour. Please note: the fine for removing two-hour loan period reserve material from the Library is $40.00.
  • For three (3) day loans: overdue charge is $20.00 per day; after three days, the charge is $60 plus the cost of the book.


  • Loan limit: two (2) tapes/DVDs per person
  • Loan period: seven (7) days
  • Overdue charge: $2.00 per day

Music CDs

  • Loan limit: two (2) CDs per person
  • Loan period: seven (7) days
  • Overdue charge: $.25 per day

Laptop/Tablet Loan

In order to borrow a laptop at York College Library you must:

  • Be a current York College Student with no blocks on your record.
  • Have a current York College Student ID.
  • Know your Empl ID.
  • Read, understand and sign the Liability Agreement Form for

Laptop/Tablet Loan Information:

  • Laptops/Tablets are available for 2 hours and may only be renewed once by discretion of circulation desk member. On Campus Use Only.
  • You may not reserve a laptop/tablet for a specific time.
  • A student may borrow only one laptop/tablet at a time. A student may not borrow a laptop or tablet together.
  • Laptops/Tablets must be returned to the Reserve desk and checked in with a library staff member who will verify that the computer is in working order before the borrower leaves the desk. You must allow at least 15 minutes for this verification before you leave.
  • Laptops/Tablets may be borrowed up to 1 hour before closing, but must be returned before the library closes.
  • All laptops/Tablets must be returned 30 minutes before the Reserve desk closes. (See York Library hours)
  • Overdue fines are $15 per hour and $.25 per minute.
  • Each laptop/Tablet is loaded with the York’s standard suite of programs.
  • No programs, documents, etc., may be left on the computer. Everything, except for the preloaded programs, will be deleted when the machine is returned.
  • Borrowers are responsible for the computer/tablet. If a machine is lost or stolen, the student is responsible for the replacement cost of $1200.00. If a laptop is damaged during the use, the borrower is responsible for the cost of repairs.

Where can I borrow a laptop or tablet in the York Library?

  • Visit the Circulation/Reserve Desk in the Library for laptop/tablet loans.

Study Rooms

  • Group study rooms are reserved through an automated reservation system. Study rooms can be reserved remotely or at a reservation kiosk. The url is After reserving a room in the reservation system, the student must go to the Library’s Circulation/Reserve Desk and present a valid ID to get the room key.
  • Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms can be reserved one week in advance in the reservation system.
  • The individual borrowing the key is responsible for ensuring that the room remains tidy, the door is locked when leaving and the key is handed back to the staff member at the Library's Circulation/Reserve Desk.
  • Failure to return the room key on time will result in a fine of $0.10 per minute ($6/hour). The fine for a lost key is $10.00. Borrowing privileges will be blocked if overdue fines are not paid.
  • How many people do we need to reserve a room?

    Groups must be comprised of at least three individuals, with a maximum of eight individuals.

  • Usage Policies:

    Rooms are to be left tidy after use.

    No food or drinks are allowed.

    Work should be conducted quietly.

    Take all belongings when vacating the room.

    No loud music.

    Do not bring additional furniture into the study rooms.

    Please apprise staff at the Library's Circulation/Reserve Desk immediately if any damage (including food/water damage) to furniture or equipment is found in the room.

  • Study Room Designation

    If you need to use audio or video for group discussion, please reserve study rooms 1 through 6; let Circulation staff know if you have any other specific requirements.

For more information please see Cuny-wide Policies and the University Tuition and Fee Manual

Off-Campus Access

Wall Street Journal Access Pass
The Library is delighted to present to all York College students, faculty, and staff full access to the digital version of the Wall Street Journal.

New York Times Digital Academic Pass
The Library is proud to present to all York College students, faculty and staff an 'Academic Pass' to the digital version of the New York Times. The Academic Pass provides you with full access to and the smartphone apps* for a period of 52 weeks from the date you activate it.

The library is now sponsoring BrowZine, a great new service that allows you to discover, browse and read the library’s top scholarly journals, in a fast and easy to use interface.

Post your research in Academic Works
CUNY now has an open access institutional repository, CUNY Academic Works, which collects and provides online, public access to the scholarly work produced by York College faculty and the CUNY community.

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