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Group Study Rooms

The Library has several group study rooms that are available on a first come, first served basis, and which can be reserved through an online system. In order to promote a quiet and safe environment for York students, faculty, and staff, the Library requests that you adhere to the following rules when utilizing group study rooms.


York College Library has 14 group study rooms for use beginning when the Library opens in the morning until 30 minutes prior to the Library’s evening closing. Group study rooms are intended as a place for students to work and study together. They are not intended for individual study or socializing.

Who can reserve rooms?

Only registered York College students with a valid EMPLID or Queens High School for the Science Students with a DoE ID number may reserve rooms for group study. Faculty and staff cannot reserve group study rooms.

How do I reserve a group study room?

Group study rooms are reserved through an automated reservation system. Study rooms can be reserved by mobile and electronic devices. QR codes are located at the circulation desk and on study room doors to access reservation site. After reserving a room in the reservation system, the student must go to the Library’s Circulation/Reserve Desk and present reservation receipt to circulation. Room use, like book use, is tracked during use in the Library’s automated circulation system.  Failure to enter accurate information may result in serious consequences and restriction of study room access.

Noise and Disturbances

We ask that you close the door when the room is in use. Please note that the rooms are not soundproof! Group conversations must not disturb other library users. Violation of noise policy can result in the loss of library privileges. Headphones are required for any audio.

Food and Drink Policy

Food is not permitted in the library, including Group study rooms. Closed drink containers are allowed.

Responsibilities of the Group Study Users

The students registering for the group are responsible for the condition of the room. If your group finishes earlier or completes your work before your booking ends, please let Circulation staff know so the space may be made available to other students.

Please Follow These Policies When Using York College Library

Some behavior and activity limit the Library’s ability to offer services.  Therefore, patrons of the Library are asked to refrain from activities including, but not limited to:

  • Disorderly or disruptive conduct
  • Mutilation, defacement or theft of library property
  • Use of furniture, library equipment and facilities in a manner for which they were not intended or designed
  • Harassing or threatening others
  • Obscene, profane or abusive language or acts
  • Smoking, vaping, or possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Intoxication or impairment
  • Failure to evacuate in an emergency or during a drill
  • Engaging in sexual or lewd behavior

Violation of these guidelines may result in the suspension of library privileges and/or future access to study rooms.

Thank you for your cooperation in supporting the Library’s quality of life!