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Guest Computing and Printing Options

York College Library provides access to limited computing resources primarily to faculty, staff, and students as well as the general public in support of research, administrative, instructional, and intellectual pursuits.

In using library workstations, all users are bound by this acceptable use policy, other applicable computer and security policies, including The City University of New York Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer Resources, and applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Guest computers (workstations) are in the library, located on the third floor, next to the Reference Desk, near the Main Entrance. Printing facilities for guests are available at the printing Kiosk stations. Guest must create a cardinal print account with money on it in order to print. There is no free printing.

  1. Use of Workstations
    1. Library computer workstations require authentication through a unique User ID and password. Security policy prohibits the sharing of these User IDs and passwords with any other individual.
    2. Guests are welcome to use the guest workstations, however; they may be asked to remit a workstation based on library capacity. The primary usage of library computer workstations is the support of research, administrative, instructional, and intellectual pursuits by York College faculty, staff and students. Guest workstations also have a time limit.
  2. Use of Computer Software and Hardware
    1. Users shall not conduct malicious, illegal, or criminal activities, attempt to damage computer equipment, or alter the configuration of software while using library or university computer resources.
  3. Personal Conduct
    1. Users shall not engage in behavior considered disruptive to others. Those found to be engaging in disruptive behavior such as loud or threatening conduct or other interference with the primary use of library resources may be asked to leave and/or denied continued access to library facilities.
  4. Once a user has left their computer it will be considered vacant and therefore available to other patrons.


Library Closing Early
Please be aware of our change of hours for the following four days.

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