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CardinalReserve Information

A web based computer booking solution which allows students, faculty and staff to view shared computer resource availability and make online reservations via a smartphone, tablet, computer or kiosk.

Among its many features CardinalReserve allows you to see shared computer resource availability by displaying a live map screen outlining which computers are free to use. CardinalReserve also features a queue monitor so users can see when their computer session is due. 

 Here are a few of the benefits of using this system:  

Filter Bookable computers
Where you have a variety of hardware or software offerings, intuitive search filters enable users to easily locate their computer of choice.

Promote fair usage
CardinalReserve promotes fair usage by determining how often and how long each user is allowed. Restrictions can be tightened during peak times and relaxed when demand for computers is low.

CardinalReserve enables staff to send messages easily to any computer. Allowing fast and in the moment communications to students using computers.
Booking receipts
Booking receipts can be printed or sent to email confirming bookings.

Smartphone booking
CardinalReserve also includes booking options for iPhone, android and other smartphones including tablets.

New Cardinal Reserve Maps Module
CardinalReserve Maps provides a simple way to locate the computers you book. The Library has new letter signs up indicating zones as part of the floor plan of your chosen site(s) to clearly illustrate the location and availability of your bookable PCs. To go to CardinalReserve click on the following link:  CardinalReserve 
For the guide on how to use click on the following link: CardinalReserveGuide