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Properly Reporting CUNYfirst Issues

All issues with any technology should always be reported to our Helpdesk via YConnect Self Service or by calling our Helpdesk at Ext. 5311. CUNY Central has established a strict protocol that we follow in order to insure the proper reporting and escalation of all CUNYfirst issues.

It is critical that this protocol be followed in order to provide the maximum support coverage and auditing possible so that service can be monitored and improved on an ongoing basis. When you report a CUNYfirst issue to our Helpdesk, we will either open a ticket on your behalf or if you have already entered a YConnect Self Service ticket we will triage the case and attempt to resolve immediately. If we cannot resolve it at this critical first level the issue will be escalated to our ASL's who are in charge of Campus Security in CUNYfirst. Many issues within CUNYfirst are the resolve of problems with roles and access. If the ASL's are not able to resolve it the issue will either be escalated to the subject matter experts on campus or directly to the Central CIS ASL team. When the proper protocol is followed by submitting a ticket or call our Helpdesk the path to resolution is very direct and can be monitored each step of the way. You will receive notificaitons and alerts depending on what stage  your issue is at. At any time you can review your YConnect ticket or call the Helpdesk to get a status. Once your issue is resolved depending on how far your issue was escalated you will get confirmations via email. You may also get a call depending on the nature and sensitivity of the issue.