Dismissal / Remediation

Dismissal from Teacher Education Program

Students may be dismissed from a Teacher Education program under any of the following conditions:

  • Grade-point average in any area (Education, Content Area/Major, Overall) falls below the required 3.0 GPA for progression
  • Student has received one or more grades below B in any Professional Education course
  • Student has received two or more grades below C in any Major course
  • Student has committed a substantial violation of CUNY’s Academic Integrity Policy
  • Student has been reported two or more times for unprofessional conduct by faculty or staff from York College and/or partner schools/sites

Remediation Plans

Students must meet with their advisor each term and review progress.  Students, who are dismissed, may be given a remediation plan if the students show signs of potential improvement and/or has demonstrated extenuating circumstances that have impacted their academic progress.  Upon successful completion of the plan, the student may be re-admitted with probation for one semester.  The Unit head reserves the right to make all final decisions of admissions, retention, and dismissal. Appeals may go to the Progression and Retention Committee of the School of Health Sciences and Professional programs.