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Fingerprinting FAQS for Undocumented Students

This FAQ features new guidance as of September 2022 from New York State Education Department (NYSED) Office of Teaching Initiatives (OTI).

I do not have an SSN and am not studying under an F1 International Student visa. Will I be able to obtain fingerprinting clearance to complete fieldwork or student teach?
Will I be able to do fieldwork and/or student teaching in a NYC DOE public school?
What is the first step to register for a NYSED TEACH account to start the fingerprinting process?
Once I am able to create a NYSED TEACH account, how do I get fingerprinted?
What happens to my personal information collected by Identogo?
I do not have US citizenship, legal residency, or a SSN. Can I still be certified as an educator in NY State?
I have other questions about my undocumented status. What resources are available at CUNY?

Undocumented Students Support