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Department of
Teacher Education

Admission / Progression

Admissions/Progression information and requirements for the Teacher Educations Program

Admission Policy

Once a student decides to pursue a Teacher Education program, s/he should make an appointment to meet with an advisor in the Department of Teacher Education (Room 1D12, 718-262-2450). To be eligible for admission to a Teacher Education program, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Complete the pre-major block with an average GPA of 3.0:
    • English 126  (3 credits)
    • Philosophy 202 or Sociology 202: Major Ideas and Issues in Education (WI) (3 credits)
    • Mathematics (3-4 credits)
      • Childhood Education: Mathematics 271:  Topics in Foundational Math
      • Physical and Health Education PreK-12: Select from Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning requirements specified by the individual major
      • Secondary Education, 7-12: Select from Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning requirements specified by the individual major
    • Child Development (3 credits)
      • Childhood Education: Education 280: Child and Adolescent Development for Teachers
      • Physical Education PreK-12 and Health Education PreK-12: Education 280: Child and Adolescent Development for Teachers
      • Secondary Education, 7-12: Education 271: Adolescent and Youth Development
    • Education 230: Teaching with Multimedia Technology (2 credits).
  • Complete a department’s writing workshop
  • Complete the Admission Application
  • Complete background check and fingerprinting, and receive clearance through NYC Department of Education
  • Students cannot have an INC grade on their transcript at the time of Admissions
  • Transfer students must meet the same requirements above
  • Receive  a passing score on Teaching with Technology e-portfolio (EDU230) and Academic Literacy Assessment (SOC/PHIL 202)

It is recommended that students complete the Premajor Block prior to their 60th credit 

Student at an open house with mascot
Progression Into the Professional Sequence by Rafael Nunez — last modified Sep 21, 2018
Once accepted into a Teacher Education Program, students must maintain a level of academic rigor in order to be retained in a Teacher Education program and progress into the Professional Sequence:
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To be eligible for progression into Student Teaching, the following criteria must be met:
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