Dismissal / Remediation

Dismissal / Remediation

Candidates will be put on Probationary Status prior to Dismissal if

  1. The Candidate's cumulative GPA in any area (Education, Content Area/Major, Overall) falls below a 3.0 and/or; 
  2. Candidate has received one or more grades below a "B" in any Professional Education Course and/or;
  3. Candidate has received two or more grades below a "C" in any Major course; and/or;
  4. Candidate has received two or more poor professional integrity (disposition) evaluations.

Probationary Plan

  1. All Teacher Education candidates must meet with their advisor each term and review progress. Candidates who are placed on Probationary Status will be given a Remediation Plan and will be assigned a faculty mentor to support and guide their progress.
  2. An analysis of the potential to remediate their deficits in one semester will be conducted.  Candidates will be advised of their potential to exit Probationary Status in one semester. 
  3. Candidates will be given one semester to remediate any of the affected areas above (A, B, C, D)
  4. If the Candidate fails to meet the conditions of Probation in one semester and has demonstrated extenuating circumstances that have impacted academic progress, it will be brought back to the Admissions/Retention committee for review for the potential second and final semester of Probation.
  5. Candidates will be limited to 1 Education class for the semester they are on Probation.
  6. Any Candidate currently on Probationary status will not be permitted to advance to Student Teaching.
  7. Candidates will only be permitted on Probationary status during their course of study. 
  8. Upon successful completion of the Remediation plan, the Candidate will be removed from Probationary status.  Candidates who do not meet the conditions of Probation will be Dismissed. 


The term "Dismissal" will be used only for permanent dismissal from the program after an unsuccessful probationary period.  All cases are reviewed by the Department's Admission and Retention Committee.  The Department Chair reserves the right to make all final decisions of admissions, retention, probation, and dismissal.  Appeals may go to the Progression and Retention Committee of the School of Health Sciences and Professional programs (send email to SHSPPappeals@york.cuny.edu).