Admission Requirements

Meet with your Teacher Education Department advisor to plan for your admission and movement through the transition points.

Admission Policy

Once a student decides to pursue a Teacher Education program, s/he should make an appointment to meet with an advisor in the Department of Teacher Education (Room 1D12, 718-262-2450). To be eligible for admission to a Teacher Education program, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Complete the premajor block (1)with an average GPA of 3.0:
    • English 125 and English 126  (6 credits)
    • Philosophy 202 or Sociology 202: Major Ideas and Issues in Education (WI) (3 credits)
    • Mathematics (3 credits)
      • Childhood Education: Mathematics 271:  Topics in Foundational Math
      • Physical and Health Education PreK-12: Mathematics 271: Topics in Foundational Math recommended
      • Secondary Education, 7-12: Select from Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning requirements specified by the individual major
    • Child Development (3 credits)
      • Childhood Education: Education 280: Child and Adolescent Development for Teachers
      • Physical Education PreK-12 and Health Education PreK-12: Education 280: Child and Adolescent Development for Teachers
      • Secondary Education, 7-12: Education 271: Adolescent and Youth Development
    • Education 230: Teaching with Multimedia Technology (2 credits).
  •  Complete the Department’s Writing Workshop
  • Submit the online Admission Application (this is done during Education 230)
  • Complete background check and fingerprinting, and receive clearance through NYC Department of Education
  • Students cannot have an INC grade on their transcript at the time of Admissions
  • Declaration of an appropriate Liberal Arts & Science Major
  • Transfer students must meet the same requirements above.

It is recommended that students complete the Premajor Block prior to their 60th credit 

Progression Into the Professional Sequence by Rafael Nunez — last modified Apr 19, 2017
Once accepted into a Teacher Education Program, students must maintain a level of academic rigor in order to progress in the Professional Sequence:
Progression Into Student Teaching by Rafael Nunez — last modified Apr 19, 2017
To be eligible for progression into Student Teaching, the following criteria must be met: