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Teacher Education awarded $25k CITE

Teacher Education was recently awarded $24,995 (2023-2024) by CUNY Central's CITE program for a research study titled "Empower Preservice Teachers as Computational Thinkers (CT) through Strategic Program-wide Computing Integrated Teacher Education (CITE) via Student E-Portfolio and Faculty Digital MakerSpace".

Nine faculty members will be involved in the project. They are Dr. Xin Bai, Dr. Leslie Keiler, Professor Zena Cooper, Professor Kara Hudon, Dr. Sherone Smith-Sanchez, Professor Clare Masullo, Professor Lisa Dunn-Lockhart, Dr. Laura Pawson, and Dr. Natasha Cox-Magno.

The goals of the study are to promote computational thinking among Teacher candidates (TCs) through the lens of social justice and to explore effective ways of faculty collaboration for a coherent computing integrated teacher education (CITE) curriculum redesign and effective educational faculty development. The project is anticipated to advance the discovery and understanding of

  1. the impact of CITE on student learning, career, motivation, and attitudes toward CT across the curriculum and
  2. ways that CT can be effectively integrated into the Teacher Education curriculum to shape its vision, strategic planning, curriculum mapping, scopes, and faculty professional development needs.