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Kemba Lodescar

Class of 2017, Teacher Education - Grades 1-6

My name is Kemba Lodescar, and I am a proud Summa Cum Laude graduate of the 2017 graduating class in Education (Bachelors in Music Education). I currently teach theatre at P.S 108Q where I service students from grades K-5. I thoroughly enjoy impacting students' lives in ways that allow them to hone their innate abilities to express themselves confidently and prepare them for their journey beyond the classroom. York college has prepared me to do just that by imparting solid pedagogical practices and embracing the ability to reach all students with an emphasis on differentiation to meet their varying needs. York college has also prepared me for the practical side of education, by placing experienced and equipped mentors that worked closely with me to steer me in the right direction while giving me the freedom to express myself as a teacher in my unique ways. For prospective students who are contemplating attending the program, you need to look no further. York's education division has a dedicated team that will provide you with knowledge, support, and practical. They offer the most current and cutting-edge courses that would equip you for the classroom and beyond, depending on your specialization area.