How do I join?

How do I join?

How do I become a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success and what are the benefits?

How To Become A Member

There are two ways to become a member

  1. Receive an invitation in the mail and be formally invited by the college.  Once invited you will receive a personalized invitation code. Enter the code at http:// Once entered you will become a pending member.
  2. If you did not receive an invitation you can still be a member by obtaining a nomination form at The nomination form requires two faculty signatures. Once the signatures are obtained return the nomination form to your advisor and he/she will give you a nomination code so you can sign up to be a pending member.

A one time registration fee of $75 is required for you to become a pending member. Once you are a pending member you must attend orientation day, three speaker broadcasts, three success networking team meetings and a three hour leadership training day. Once those have been completed you will be inducted to the society as a life long member. Upon induction you will recieve a t-shirt and certificate. 

*To receive the National Excellence in Leadership Award you must complete the task above along with three more speaker broadcasts, three more success networking team meetings and one act of community service.

*Presidential Level Members - Students that have a 3.3 gpa upon joining are considered presidential level members  and will receive a Presidential seal on their membership certificate as well as a personalized letter from the National President. If students raise their gpa to a 3.3 while trying to be a member they will be eligible to become a presidential level member.

Once you are inducted you will be a member for life.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

  • Success Networking Team
  • Personal Success Coaching
  • Leadership Collection
  • Scholarships & Awards
  • Online Job Bank
  • Leadership Certification
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Resume Enhancement
  • Nationwide Network Success
  • Talk Job Interview Skills
  • Society Career Website
  • Social Events
  • Alumni Directory
  • Graduation Honors
  • Motivational Mondays
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Previous Broadcasts
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Discounts from Corporate Partners
  • Member Gifts