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2018-2019 SGA Members

Student leadership is an important part of social and academic life at York College.

The York College Student Government Association (SGA) is comprised of elected student leaders that represent and advocate for the entire student body. These SGA Senators and Officers meet and discuss critical academic and social issues that impact students at large.

Students interested in running for an SGA position must have a minimum GPA of 2.3, with the exception of students interested in running for SGA President, in which case a minimum GPA of 2.75 is required. SGA senators serve on many committees that affect the campus environment, including the York College Faculty/Student Senate, York College Association, Auxiliary Enterprises, and the Curriculum Committee. Members of Student Government also participate in a leadership training conference, where they learn skills and techniques that help them become better leaders.

For additional information on SGA elections, visit the Office of Student Activities in Room 1E01.

Student Government is located in Room 1G04 of the Academic Core Building.

The 2018-2019 York College Student Government Association

Name Title Email


Danielle James President danielle.james@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Nandkumar Jagroo Vice President, Day nandkumar.jagroo@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Sabrina Schachter Vice President, Evening/Weekend sabrina.schachter@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Evelyn England Club Council President evelyn.england@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Krishna Fnu Student Programming Council President krishna.fnu@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Kevin Caraballo Barrios Communication Council President kevin.carababallo@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Pavitri Dhanpaul Executive Director pavitri.dhanpaul@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Bradley St. Martin Treasurer bradley.stmartin@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Sundesh Latchman Recording Secretary sundesh.latchman@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Kesi Gordon Corresponding Secretary kesi.gordon@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Anselm Joseph Parlimentarian anselm.joseph@yorkmail.cuny.edu

University Student Senate Delegates

Valesse Kennedy University Student Senate Delegate 1 valesse.kennedy@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Sadat Rahman University Student Senate Delegate 2 sadat.rahman@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Ranjit Kaur University Student Senate Alternate 1 ranjit.kaur2@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Bhawan Singh University Student Senate Alternate 2 bhawan.singh@yorkmail.cuny.edu


Jenat Fahim Senator jenat.fahima@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Prakash Ashraf Senator prakash.ashraf@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Sequena Clarke Senator sequena.clarke@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Hezekiah Corbin Senator hezekiah.corbin@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Melissa Dhaniram Senator melissa.dhaniram@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Araverna Jean-Baptise Senator aravena.jeanbaptiste@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Diamond Lucas Senator diamond.lucas@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Markel Robinson Senator markel.robinson@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Sujaya Roy Senator sujaya.roy@yorkmail.cuny.edu
May Thu Thway Senator maythu.thway@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Dammon Trimmingham Senator dammon.trimmingham@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Roza Yegoryan Senator roza.yegoryan@yorkmail.cuny.edu
Mahamudul Hasan Senator mahamudul.hasan@yorkmail.cuny.edu