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Proposal Checklist

This checklist should only be used as a guidepost.

Please be sure to contact our office early if you are planning to submit a grant proposal. Each agency is different and many situations require additional planning. Once a funding source is identified, please use this checklist to help you with the nuts and bolts of preparing your proposal.

  • Obtain and read the latest RFP/guidelines and forms from the sponsor
  • Verify eligibility of PI and institution
  • Contact ORSP and send Internal Proposal Approval Checklist
  • Determine requirements of the project: Aims/goals/activitiesPersonnel equipment/suppliesBudget
  • Are you collaborating with another institution? Get the contact information from your collaborator and forward it to ORSP. You will need the following from the other institution: Authorizing Official Letter of Collaboration and Sub-recipient Commitment FormStatement of workBudget and justificationFacilities statementBiosketch/CV of your collaborator(s)
  • Collect CVs (be sure of the appropriate format for the proposal).
  • Obtain letters of support.
  • Are you using human subjects or animals; do you have approval? If not, contact the Office of Regulatory Compliance at 718-997-5415.
  • Has everyone completed the Responsible Conduct of Research Training? Are the certificates on file?
  • Has the PI completed Conflict of Interest Training and is the certificate on file?
  • Does the project involve an international collaboration that would require an export control review?
  • Draft proposal and get someone else to review.
  • Make sure your fonts, margins, and other formatting issues are in compliance with sponsor guidelines.
  • Finalize budget and forms--including the Financial Disclosure Form and subcontracting forms, if needed--with ORSP at least 5 days before the deadline.
  • Obtain final signatory approval from ORSP.