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box-yell5.gifHome iconABI/INFORM Complete (ProQuest)
box-yell5.gifHome iconAbstracts in Social Gerontology (EBSCO)
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box-yell5.gifHome iconAgriculture Collection (Gale)
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box-yell2.gifHome iconAmerican Memory
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box-yell2.gifHome iconBibliography of the History of Art/International Bibliography of Art
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box-yell5.gifHome iconBiography Index Retrospective 1946-1983 (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconBiography Reference Bank (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconBiography Reference Center (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconBlack Newspapers (ProQuest)
box-yell5.gifHome iconBlack Thought and Culture
box-yell5.gifHome iconBook Review Digest Plus (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconBook Review Digest Retrospective: 1908-1982 (EBSCO)
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box-yell2.gifHome iconBureau of Justice Statistics/ U.S. Dept. of Justice
box-yell2.gifHome iconBureau of Labor Statistics/ U.S. Dept. of Labor
box-yell5.gifHome iconBurney Collection of 17th-18th Century Newspapers & Pamphlets (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconBusiness Economics and Theory (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconBusiness Insights: Essential (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconBusiness Source Complete (EBSCO)


box-yell5.gifHome iconCambridge Journals Online
box-yell2.gifHome iconCDC: Environmental Control
box-yell5.gifHome iconCharleston Advisor
box-yell2.gifHome iconChild Welfare Information Gateway
box-yell5.gifHome iconChronicle of Higher Education
box-yell5.gifHome iconChronicle of Philanthropy
box-yell2.gifHome iconChronicling America: Historic American Newspapers
box-yell2.gifHome iconCIA World Factbook
box-yell5.gifHome iconCIAO - Columbia International Affairs Online
box-yell5.gifHome iconCINAHL Complete: Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconCochrane Library (Wiley)
box-yell5.gifHome iconCommunication & Mass Media Complete (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconComputer Database (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconCongress and the Nation 2009-2012
box-yell5.gifHome iconCongress and the Nation 2005-2008
box-yell5.gifHome iconCQ Researcher
box-yell5.gifHome iconCQ Weekly Magazine
box-yell5.gifHome iconCriminal Justice Collection (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconCulinary Arts Collection (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconCUNY GC Legacy Dissertations, 1965-2014 (authentication required)


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box-yell2.gifHome iconData USA
box-yell2.gifHome iconDigital South Asia Library
box-yell5.gifHome iconDiversity Studies Collection (Gale)


box-yell5.gifHome iconebrary Academic Complete
box-yell5.gifHome iconEBSCO (Search Multiple EBSCO Databases)
box-yell5.gifHome iconEBSCOhost eBook Academic Collection
box-yell5.gifHome iconEBSCOhost Electronic Journals Service
box-yell5.gifHome iconEBSCOhost Español - Spanish Interface
box-yell5.gifHome iconEconLit (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconThe Economist Historical Archive 1843-2003 (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconEducation Journals (ProQuest)
box-yell5.gifHome iconEducation Source (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconeHRAF World Cultures
box-yell5.gifHome iconEighteenth Century Collections Online (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconeLibrary Elementary (ProQuest)
box-yell5.gifHome iconeMarketer
box-yell5.gifHome iconEncyclopedia of Journalism (SAGE)
box-yell5.gifHome iconEncyclopedia of Social Work (Oxford Reference)
box-yell5.gifHome iconEnvironmental Studies & Policy Collection (Gale)
box-yell2.gifHome iconEpiQuery: NYC Interactive Health Data
box-yell2.gifHome iconERIC
box-yell5.gifHome iconERIC (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconEssay and General Literature (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconEssay and General Literature Retrospective (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconEthnic NewsWatch (ProQuest)
box-yell5.gifHome iconExpanded Academic ASAP (Gale)


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box-yell5.gifHome iconFine Arts & Music Collection (Gale)


box-yell5.gifHome iconGale Literary Sources (formerly Artemis Literary Sources)
box-yell5.gifHome iconGale Virtual Reference Library
box-yell5.gifHome iconGannett Newsstand Complete (ProQuest)
box-yell5.gifHome iconGarland Encyclopedia of World Music Online
box-yell5.gifHome iconGartner (access via CUNY Portal login)
box-yell5.gifHome iconGender Studies Collection (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconGender Watch (ProQuest)
box-yell5.gifHome iconGeneral OneFile (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconGeneral Science Collection (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconGeneral Science Full Text 1984-present (EBSCO)
box-yell2.gifHome iconGoogle Scholar (see note)
box-yell5.gifHome iconGrantForward (use York email address to create individual account)
box-yell5.gifHome iconGreenFILE (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconGrolier Online


box-yell2.gifHome iconHandbook of Latin American Studies
box-yell5.gifHome iconHealth Management (ProQuest)
box-yell5.gifHome iconHealth Reference Center Academic (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconHealth Source Nursing/Academic Edition (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconHistorical Newspapers: The New York Times, 1851-2013 (ProQuest)
box-yell5.gifHome iconHome Improvement Collection (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconHospitality, Tourism, & Leisure Collection (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconHumanities Source (EBSCO)


box-yell2.gifHome iconIBO - Independent Budget Office of the City of New York
box-yell5.gifHome iconICPSR: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research
box-yell5.gifHome iconIEEE Xplore Digital Library
box-yell2.gifHome iconIMF eLibrary Data
box-yell5.gifHome iconInformation Science & Library Issues Collection (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconInfoshare
box-yell2.gifHome iconIn Motion: The African-American Migration Experience
box-yell5.gifHome iconInsurance & Liability Collection (Gale)
box-yell2.gifHome iconInternational Music Score Library Project
box-yell2.gifHome iconInvestigate NYC


box-yell5.gifHome iconJAMA
box-yell5.gifHome iconJSTOR


box-yell5.gifHome iconKanopy Streaming
box-yell2.gifHome iconKeeping Track Online: The Status of New York City Children
box-yell2.gifHome iconKids Count Data Book: State Profiles of Child Well-being
box-yell2.gifHome iconKids Count Data Center
box-yell5.gifHome iconKids Infobits (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconKids Search (EBSCO)


box-yell5.gifHome iconLatin American Experience
box-yell5.gifHome iconLaw Library Microfilm Collection Digital
box-yell5.gifHome iconLegal Source (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconLegalTrac (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconLexis-Nexis Academic
box-yell5.gifHome iconLGBT Life with Full Text (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconLGBT Thought and Culture
box-yell5.gifHome iconLibrary & Information Science Source (EBSCO)
box-yell2.gifHome iconLibrary of Congress Digital Collections
box-yell5.gifHome iconLiterature Resource Center (Gale)


box-yell5.gifHome iconMagill's Medical Guide, 7th ed. (Salem Health)
box-yell5.gifHome iconMaking of the Modern World (Gale)
box-yell2.gifHome iconMartin Luther King, Jr., Online Encyclopedia
box-yell5.gifHome iconMAS Ultra - School Edition (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconMasterFILE Complete (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconMathSciNet
box-yell2.gifHome iconMedline (PubMed)
box-yell5.gifHome iconMedline Complete (EBSCO)
box-yell2.gifHome iconMedlinePlus Consumer Health Information
box-yell2.gifHome iconMedlinePlus Drugs, Supplements, and Herbal Information
box-yell2.gifHome iconMedlinePlus Medical Dictionary
box-yell2.gifHome iconMedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia
box-yell2.gifHome iconMerck Manual for Health Care Professionals
box-yell2.gifHome iconMerck Manual Home Health Handbook for Patients & Caregivers
box-yell2.gifHome iconMetropolitan Museum of Art Collection
box-yell5.gifHome iconMilitary & Government Collection (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconMLA Bibliography (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconMLA Directory of Periodicals (Gale)


box-yell5.gifHome iconNASW Register of Clinical Social Workers (Ovid)
box-yell2.gifHome iconNational Bureau of Asian Research
box-yell2.gifHome iconNational Center for Education Statistics
box-yell2.gifHome iconNational Center for Health Statistics
box-yell2.gifHome iconNational Council of Disability
box-yell2.gifHome iconNational Criminal Justice Reference Service
box-yell2.gifHome iconNational Gallery of Art
box-yell5.gifHome iconNational Geographic Magazine Archive 1888-1994 (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconNational Newspapers Premier (ProQuest)
box-yell5.gifHome iconNature
box-yell5.gifHome iconNew England Journal of Medicine
box-yell5.gifHome iconNew Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Online
box-yell5.gifHome iconNewsVault (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconNew York State Newspapers (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconNewsstand (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconNineteenth Century Collections Online (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconNursing & Allied Health Collection (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconNursing & Allied Health Source (ProQuest)
box-yell5.gifHome iconNursing and Health Professions (Ovid)
box-yell5.gifHome iconNursing Resource Center (Gale)
box-yell2.gifHome iconNYC Community District Profiles
box-yell2.gifHome iconNYC Community Health Survey Atlas, 2015
box-yell2.gifHome iconNYC Community Health Profiles
box-yell2.gifHome iconNYCdata
box-yell2.gifHome iconNYC Department of City Planning
box-yell2.gifHome iconNYPL Digital Collections
box-yell2.gifHome iconNYS Health Statistics & Data
box-yell2.gifHome iconNYS Historic Newspapers


box-yell2.gifHome iconOccupational Outlook Handbook
box-yell5.gifHome iconOccupational Therapy Search
box-yell2.gifHome iconOnline Dictionary for Library and Information Science
box-yell5.gifHome iconOpposing Viewpoints in Context (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconOxford Art Online
box-yell5.gifHome iconOxford Clinical Psychology
box-yell5.gifHome iconOxford English Dictionary
box-yell5.gifHome iconOxford Medicine Online
box-yell5.gifHome iconOxford Music Online
box-yell5.gifHome iconOxford Reference Online


box-yell5.gifHome iconPAEasy [must create individual account]
box-yell2.gifHome iconPandora's Box Archive, 1969-1991
box-yell5.gifHome iconPhilosopher's Index with Full Text (EBSCO)
box-yell2.gifHome iconPhilPapers: Philosophical Research Online
box-yell5.gifHome iconPhysical Therapy & Sports Medicine Collection (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconPivot
box-yell2.gifHome iconPLOS: Public Library of Science
box-yell5.gifHome iconPop Culture Collection (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconPopular Magazines (Gale)
box-yell2.gifHome iconPQDT Open: Find Open Access Dissertations and Theses
box-yell5.gifHome iconProfessional Development Collection (EBSCO)
box-yell2.gifHome iconProject Gutenberg
box-yell5.gifHome iconProject Muse
box-yell5.gifHome iconProQuest Research Library
box-yell5.gifHome iconPsycARTICLES (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconPsycEXTRA (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconPsychology Collection (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconPsychology Journals (ProQuest)
box-yell5.gifHome iconPsycINFO 1887-Current (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconPsycTESTS (EBSCO)
box-yell2.gifHome iconPubChem
box-yell2.gifHome iconPubMed Central: An Archive of Life Science Journals


box-yell5.gifHome iconReaders Guide Full Text Mega Edition (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconReaders Guide Retrospective: 1890-1982 (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconRegional Business News (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconReligion and Philosophy Collection (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconResearch Methods (SAGE)
box-yell5.gifHome iconResources for College Libraries
box-yell5.gifHome iconRoutledge Handbooks Online


box-yell5.gifHome iconScience
box-yell5.gifHome iconScienceDirect (Elsevier)
box-yell5.gifHome iconSciFinder (must create individual account)
box-yell5.gifHome iconScopus (Elsevier)
box-yell5.gifHome iconScribner Writers Online (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconSerials Directory (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconSlavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconSlavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law
box-yell5.gifHome iconSmall Business Collection (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconSocial Explorer
box-yell5.gifHome iconSocial Science Journals (ProQuest)
box-yell5.gifHome iconSocial Sciences Full Text 1983-present (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconSocial Sciences Index Retrospective: 1929-1983 (EBSCO)
box-yell5.gifHome iconSocial Work Abstracts (Ovid)
box-yell5.gifHome iconSocINDEX with Full Text (EBSCO)
box-yell2.gifHome iconSourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
box-yell5.gifHome iconSpringerLink
box-yell2.gifHome iconStanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
box-yell2.gifHome iconThe State of the World's Children
box-yell2.gifHome iconStatistical Abstracts of the United States
box-yell2.gifHome iconSubstance Abuse and Mental Health Data Archive (SAMHDA)


box-yell5.gifHome iconTeacher Reference Center (EBSCO)
box-yell2.gifHome iconToxline


box-yell2.gifHome iconUNdata: A World of Information
box-yell2.gifHome iconUnited States Government Manual
box-yell2.gifHome iconUNStats: Demographic Yearbook
box-yell5.gifHome iconUpToDate
box-yell5.gifHome iconU.S. History Collection (Gale)


box-yell5.gifHome iconVault Career Guides
box-yell5.gifHome iconVisual Thesaurus
box-yell5.gifHome iconVocations and Careers Collection (Gale)


box-yell5.gifHome iconWall Street Journal, 1984-Present (ProQuest)
box-yell5.gifHome iconWar and Terrorism Collection (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconWiley Online Library
box-yell5.gifHome iconWomen and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000
box-yell2.gifHome iconWorld Bank eAtlas of Global Development
box-yell2.gifHome iconWorld Digital Library
box-yell5.gifHome iconWorld History Collection (Gale)
box-yell5.gifHome iconWorld Scholar: Latin America and the Caribbean (Gale)


box-yell2.gifHome iconYork College Fact Book
box-yell2.gifHome iconYork Review (formerly the York Scholar)


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