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Web/CMS - 2-16-2014

The Web-Team will be performing an upgrade of the York College website Sunday, February 16, 2014 from 0900 to 2100. During this period the York College website will be available, however authentication and modification of content will be disabled.

On Sunday, February 16, 2014 the Web-Team will be performing an upgrade to the York College Website (e.g. York CMS).

In order to facilitate the upgrade from approximately 9 am to 9 pm the York College website will be in Read-Only-Mode(ROM).

How will this upgrade affect me?

ROM will not affect current data or anonymous website visitors (non-authenticated users - AKA guests) to the College's website.

Most of the improvements to the site are "under the hood" and impact users who login to the site, please see ourInformation for Web Content Editors page for more information.

What will be disable during the upgrade?

  • Authentication / Login Form - is Disabled
  • Surveys Submissions - Disabled
  • Forms (including Kiosks) - Disabled
  • Content Creation/Editing including P&B/CV/Forums/Events/Announcements/Pages etc - Disabled

This upgrade provides enhancements and improvements to the overall user interface while creating modifying content and some tweaking for mobile and social media platforms.

We hope that you will enjoy the refinements and improvements to the College's web presence.


The York College Web-Team