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HyFlex Classroom Technology

Technology equip classrooms continue to be updated to accommodate HyFlex teaching modality.

Having Trouble Logging into the lectern?

Need a Demo of the HyFlex Room?

  • Visit the Technologies in the Classroom page to confirm your classroom is a Hyflex room. There are three Hyflex statuses:
  • Hyflex Offline - Room is targeted for Hyflex
  • Hyflex In Progress - Room can be used for distance learning but minimum Hyflex standard options are still pending
  • Hyflex Ready - The room is fully operational with all aspects of Hyflex's minimum standard
  • To schedule a hands-on or virtual review of the technology in these classrooms-- Coordinate with your department chair or your associate dean then submit a request at put the date and time and we will respond with a confirmation and a room. Please be aware this is not training, it's a review of technology in these classrooms.

Recommendations and Checklist

  • Review all the below videos
  • Make sure your Blackboard course is created
  • Be sure your Class Zoom session is scheduled
  • Check that the students know the link to your Zoom session
  • Use the Class Room Lectern to start your meeting (The camera in the room will only capture your Zoom meeting when started from the lectern)
  • Be aware that Hyflex installations will continue into the Fall semester and follow-up will be needed by IT, B&G, and Facilities to insure all the components are installed and properly working
Before Hyflex Class
In the Hyflex Class
During Hyflex Class
When leaving Hyflex Class
How to Use Zoom in the Hyflex Classroom
Hyflex CUNY Seminar Q&A Updates