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CUNY Net Price Calculator Financial Aid Estimator

The CUNY website has a Financial Aid Estimator to calculate the financial aid awards you may receive if you attend CUNY. It will let you see the cost of attending CUNY as well as the amount of financial aid available to you to meet these costs. This information can help you compare costs at CUNY to those of other institutions so that you can determine which colleges are most affordable for you.

In order for CUNY to give you a financial aid estimate, we will ask you to supply your Student Aid Index (SAI), which is found on your FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS). You received this when you filed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you have not yet completed and submitted your FAFSA, you may do so by going to

When you receive your FAFSA Submission Summary with your SAI, please return to this site to obtain your CUNY financial aid estimate.