FAFSA is Free - Beware of Scams

FAFSA is A Free Application so Please be Aware of Any Outside Agengies or Companies That Are Charging A Fee To File.

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York Email Accounts

The Financial Aid Office will no longer respond to non-York email addresses (ex. AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.). Emails will be sent to York College addresses only.

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FWS Supervisors Only

Useful information for FWS Supervisors

FWS Supervisors

It is important that our students' employment experience is educationally enhancing. We ask that all supervisors keep the following in mind:

  • Supervisors must complete a Need Request Form every academic year
  • Students will contact you to schedule an interview.
  • Student will have a contract (with only FWS award money filled in) along with other papers you are required to sign.  If you want the student to work in your area, please sign the contract and give all documents to the student to hand in on the drop off dates. If the student is registered for 6 or more credits and is awarded money for FWS, I will have the contract returned (and completely filled in) with timesheets.  You will also receive an email stating that you can contact the student and have them start working.
  • Timesheets not submitted on the due date will be paid the following cycle for payment. Please see the FWS Payroll Calendar 2017 for deadlines. All cross outs or corrections, needs your initials. Only contract signers are authorized to sign timecards for employees. All these actions WILL DELAY students receiving their check.

Wages & Time Calculation

Supervisors are responsible for keeping track of FWS student employee's remaining time and funds. A sample FWS Timesheet Calculator has been created to assist supervisors tracking students time. Upon entering student information, the timesheet calculator will automatically calculate the students remaining work study hours and wages for the year. Supervisors are encouraged to use this calculation worksheet.

FWS Quick Reference Guide