Borrowing money to pay your tuition and other educational costs.

We understand that student loans are often a burden for recent college graduates, however, borrowing money to pay for tuition and other educational costs may be the key to realizing your educational goals.

Federal Direct Loans are either subsidized or unsubsidized. The federal government will pay the interest on subsidized loans while a student is enrolled at least half-time or has six or more units load. Eligible students must meet certain criteria such as completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have some financial need. Unsubsidized loans are available regardless of financial need. Interest is usually charged to the student and parents (see PLUS) while the student is in school and up to when the loan is paid in full.

Interest Rates

Loans disbursed on or after 7/1/2016 and before 7/1/2017:
Undergraduate Subsidized - 3.76% Undergraduate Unsubsidized - 3.76%
Graduate Unsubsidized - 5.31% PLUS Loans - 6.31%

Loans Disbursed on after 7/1/2017 and before 6/30/2018:
Undergraduate Subsidized - 4.45% Undergraduate Unsubsidized - 4.45%
Graduate Unsubsidized - 6.00% PLUS Loans - 7.00%

Academic year maximum for Subsidized and or Unsubsidized

Graduate - Independent

Graduate students do not have to request an Unsubsidized Loan. Once the FAFSA is received and required documentation is completed (if any), the loan will be automatically packaged. Students would need to accept or decline the loan.

Grad PLUS: Credit-based unsubsidized Loan for Graduate Students.
Maximum = "Cost of attendance" less all other financial aid.

To apply for a Federal Direct Stafford Loan

Please view the detailed pdf version of the loan filing procedures.

December 2017 Fades Workshops

Workshops are available to help students apply for federal loans, as well as understanding the borrowing and repayment process. We strongly recommend that first-time loan borrowers attend one of our Federal Loan Entrance Workshops.