Administrative Affairs

Administrative Affairs

Message from the Chief Operating Officer

The areas that report to the Chief Operating Officer encompass all functions that enable the college to assist every facet of the academic program and student development.

The responsibilities of the many offices under the Chief Operating Officer enable York to operate efficiently and effectively. They relate to the College’s internal interactions as well as the interface with the broader local, university and overall communities.

The thread that ties together all these disparate areas is a commitment to creating an overall climate that ensures a positive, enjoyable and productive experience for students, faculty, staff, and college visitors. The service orientation of all offices is not only stressed but is constantly being assessed in light of changing realities, needs, and views of the York College constituency. We are most proud of our efforts to make the physical nature of the campus environment more user-friendly; and to spread state-of-the-art, accessible technology throughout the institution.

We appreciate any and all feedback. Our service orientation is not a slogan but a guiding and fundamental principle.