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Executive Board Members

Who are they and what are their roles


Anthony D. Andrews Jr.


Kafui Kouakou

Executive Board Members 2010

President - Leroy C Houser

Works with the advisors and oversees the executive board. Plans the board meetings, orientation, leadership training day, induction and organizes the success networking team and speaker events. Works with advisors and gathers invitation materials to be sent to the National Office prior to the start of the semester. Attends a monthly success coaching session with a national representative and a monthly student president conference call. Works with members and is first in line for guidance, encouragement and strong leadership.

Vice President - Tiffany Daniels

Must be able and ready to assume the responsibilties of the president upon his/her absence. Helps president with his/her duties listed above and oversees and supports the executive board as well.

Secretary - Iana Neil

Records minutes at executive board meetings. Takes attendance at orientation, speaker events and leadership training day. In charge of entering attendance online in members area for those events mentioned. Sends out email reminders about upcoming events such as awards and scholarship deadline. Participates in the student conference calls if the president or vice president is unavailable.

Treasurer - Nicola Benjamin

Creates a bank account for the chapter either on campus or at a local bank with the president or advisor. Attends any necessary student government financial meetings. Creates and manages the budget for the national dues and local expense. Works with the fundraising chair to assess the needed funds to support the chapter. Takes lead in collecting and following up on local dues if applicable.

S.N.T Coordinator - Adrienne Vega

Coordinates groups and times that would be accessible for pending members.  Helps facilitate first SNT for all groups. Checks and approves/declines the SNT reflection after each SNT meeting.

Publicity Chair - Gerardine Rodriguez

Oversees publicity committee. Creatively advertises society as well as specific events hosted by the chapter. Creates flyers. Works with IT Coordinator to create and maintain content for chapter website and Facebook Group. Customizes provided press releases for school newspaper. Reaches out to professors, student organizations, athletics, residential life, and other groups on campus as a way of promoting the society.

Fundraising Chair - Jennifer Osagie

Oversees fundraising committee.  Develops fundraisers for chapter society. Creates an Internship Referral Program. Try to find sponsors (ask National Office for assistance with ideas as needed).

Events Chair - Kimberly Graham

Events Co-chair - Alicia Lyles

Oversee Society Events Committee. Reserves rooms and coordinates the set-up for Orientation, Leadership Training Day, Speaker Events (live and Video-on-Demand), and Induction. Takes lead on ordering food if serving refreshments. Organizes social events such as bowling or mini golf.

Information Technology Coordinator - Juan Recinos

Information Technology Co-chair - Ariel Candelario

Creates chapter email address. Applies for address with school (may be required as a part of registration). Alternately, create chapter account with either Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. Design chapter website with the publicity chairperson and maintains content. Forms a Facebook group with the Publicity Chair. Works with IT and AV departments on campus as well as the society surrounding tech issues. Supplies all events with proper IT equipment and make sure it all functions correctly. Rooms on campus may already be equipped. Equipment may also be borrowed or rented from certain departments on campus. Arrive at each event at least one hour prior to test equipment and Internet connections.

Membership Outreach Chair#1 - Danielle Gardener

Membership Outreach Chair #2 - Chrystelle Joseph

Recruits and oversees a Membership Outreach Committee of at least five people. Request table or booth at campus involvement fairs to promote Society and membership. Create sign-ups for committee members to assist at fair. At least two committee members should be in attendance at all Society events to welcome members and non-member attendees. Non-member attendees will only be present at Orientation, Speaker Events and Induction. Ask committee members to arrive at events at least 15-30 minutes prior to start of event. Divide member list among committee so that each person has 10-20 members to establish and maintain a relationship with (request list from Student President, Vice President or Secretary)


Community Service Chair - Ariela Florentino

Community Service Co-chair - Sukhjinder Singh

Oversees community service committee. Establishes partnerships with service organizations on campus and in community. Makes sure to offer a variety of events or projects for members. Keeps track of where members are participating in service events. Applies for the “Chapter Most Dedicated to Community Service” award each year.