Student Activities

Student Activities

Student Organization Handbook

Student clubs and organizations are a vital part of the total York College experience and are chartered to serve the diverse needs and interests of our student body. They are avenues for forming friendships, as well as an opportunity for cultural expression, career development, and leadership training.

Student organizations are chartered by the Student Government Association (SGA).  Each organization must have at least four elected officers: president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.  Each organization must have at least one faculty advisor.

In order to be granted a charter, each student organization must:

  1. Be registered with the Office of Student Activities.
  2. Submit valid contact information of all club officers to the Student Government Association.
  3. Serve a unique purpose. No duplicate organizations will be accepted for charter.
  4. Submit a copy of the organization’s Constitution or Bylaws to the Student Government Association*.

*If an organization does not have a Constitution or Bylaws, the SGA will assist the organization in developing a clear and concise governance structure for this purpose.

Starting a Club at York College

Any group of students wishing to organize a club at York College is required to register with the Office of Student Activities and be chartered by the Student Government Association.

Steps to Register:

  1. Come to the Office of Student Activities in Room 1E01 and pick up the necessary forms contained in the Club Packet.  You can also download the following forms in order to expedite the process:  Meeting Minutes Form and Club Information and Membership Roster.
  2. Organize at least 15 York College Students who share the objectives of the proposed organization.
  3. Decide on the name and purpose of the organization.
  4. Draft and submit a constitution outlining a) the purpose, b) goals, c) rules, d) structures, and e) bylaws of your organization.
  5. Select a Faculty/Staff Advisor. This can be anyone at York College who shares the interests of the club and who will serve as a resource person for the club. The advisor should be someone who is accessible and available to meet regularly with the club. See the Club Advisor Form.
  6. Hold elections for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, plus any other officers necessary to run your organization. The Meeting Minutes Form must contain the minutes from your first meeting indicating that an election was held and listing the names of the newly elected president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. 
  7. Complete the Club Information and Membership Roster containing the names and requested information for at least 15 members of your club. 
  8. Submit the completed packet to the Office of Student Activities to be reviewed and handed over to the Club Council President for the purpose of being chartered by SGA.


The academic requirements for club officers are as follows:

Students must have and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.

Students must be currently registered for at least 6 York College credits.

Students must have completed at least 12 York College credits.

Non-matriculated students may not be officers of clubs.

The Faculty Advisor

Every student club and organization at York College must have a club advisor in order to become certified.  Selecting a club advisor is an important function of every student organization, new or returning.  Student leaders should seek club advisors that are attentive, active, and who will attend club meetings and functions.

Advisors provide personal experience, serve as role models, and collaborate with student leaders to ensure the success of the organization. Advisors also serve as the link between the college, the Office of Student Activities, and the club or organization. 

Planning In Advance Is The Key To Successful Programming

The following is a guide on planning successful events at York College.

  1. Discuss the events you would like to do with members of the club, your Faculty Advisor, and staff of the Office of Student Activities.
  2. For each event, prepare a short summary including:

  3. a description of the event,
    the preferred and secondary dates for the event,
    the event's location,
    start and end times, 
    any additional rehearsal and prep days (if required),
    list of services (i.e., DJs/performers/artists/speakers),
    list of purchases (i.e., supplies, decorations, and crowns),
    and create a budget.

In order for an event to be planned efficiently, every aspect from purchasing to advertising must be considered.  Keep in mind the size of the event you would like to have.  If it is a small event, it can be accomplished easily.  If it is a large event, there are more details involved, and it would be to your advantage to start preparing as early as two months in advance and delegating responsibilities to club members who are willing and reliable. 

After planning your event, complete the following steps:

  1. Complete a Room Reservation Form as soon as the club has decided upon a date and venue.
  2. Complete a Request for Sponsored Event Form as soon as the space you desire is officially booked. 
  3. Complete a Buildings and Grounds Form with set up details. Attach a diagram of the desired layout. Buildings and Grounds requests must be submitted a least four (4) business days before an event.
  4. Complete a Printing Requisition Form to print flyers for events at least three weeks before the event. 


Students are allowed to have events in the following facilities of York College:

  1. The Atrium in the Academic Core Building,
  2. available classrooms and lecture halls in any building,
  3. Amphitheater (outside student cafeteria), 
  4. Faculty Dining Room,
  5. Multipurpose Room in Physical Education Building,
  6. and the Performing Arts Center.

Only chartered clubs may reserve space in college facilities and use media equipment and college services.

Public Safety

All attendees will be subject to York College’s security policies. Public Safety must be notified of all events to ensure the safety and welfare of all members of the college community.

Funding For Your Event

  1. Once completed Budget Request Forms are submitted to the Office of Student Activities, they are given over to the Budget Committee and the Performing Arts Fund Committee. 
  2. Budgets approved by these committees are then presented to the York College Association for final approval.  The York College Association meets once a month, and the Budget Committee and Performing Arts Fund Committee meet at scheduled dates prior to the Association Meeting.
  3. Once budgets are approved, clubs are notified via email and/or phone.  Each organization must manage the money given to them and work within the budget approved for them.  After approval, they must submit a modified budget which equals the funding approved. Monies can be used only after budgets have been approved and/or modified to reflect the expenses and purpose for which they are intended.
  4. Complete a Withdrawal Request Form and Purchasing Requisition form.  For assistance with all forms, go to the Office of Student Activities.
  5. All catering must be done by the Food Service vendor of York College.  Current catering menus are available in the Cafeteria and in the Office of Student Activities. Food Services Request Form must be completed and signed by the York College Food Service vendor, and attached to the Withdrawal Request Form and Purchasing Requisition form.

If Culinart cannot provide the catering required, they may sign a waiver giving the club permission to seek outside catering.

Performance Contracts

All performers, including speakers, DJs, bands, dancers, etc., must have a signed contract on file with the Office of Student Activities at least three weeks before the event.  Insurance is needed where applicable.

Advertising & Promoting

Advertising and promoting are as important as the preparation for an event.  Plasma screen televisions are a good source of advertisement, not to mention attractive flyers, posters, and cards.  Posting advertisements do not always do the trick as bulletin boards are sometimes bombarded with flyers.  The best way to promote would be to hand out flyers to students in the cafeteria, hallways, classrooms, atrium, and anywhere there is a large number of students in the period of one to two weeks before an event.

Before, During & After Your Event

As important as preparation is, the delegation of responsibilities to involved club members on the day of the event is equally important.  Club members should be put to use to ensure the fluidity before, during, and after an event.  For example, three or more club members should be in charge of blowing balloons and decorating a room at least four hours before the event.  Members should also assist with organizing food display and serving food (if purchasing from an outside vendor), assist with the needs of performers, and clean-up after the event is over.  Remember, you must be organized.  If you are frazzled and overwhelmed, your club members will be also.  A calm, cool and collected club executive may determine the final disposition of an event.