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Club Mission Statements

Student Activities Clubs

Accounting Club

To initiate the cultivation of like-minded individuals to obtain more knowledge about accounting.  

Athletic Training Club

To raise awareness for injury prevention in sports-related activities. 

Aviation Club (York Aviators)

To expose its members to the aviation industry in order to network and establish relationships that will lead to jobs in the field. 

Blue Diamond Association

To promote student empowerment, and bring awareness of Greek life and Greek unity, and to allow students to experience a part of Greek life through community service. 

Brotherhood & Sisterhood Society

To foster a relationship with other campus organizations to help build a better school community as well as neighborhood community, and to raise awareness of Greek Letter organizations.

Cardinal Steppers

To expose students to the art and history of Stepping or Step-Dancing, and to increase its popularity, not only as a type of dance, but as an actual form of art.

Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Science Club

To enhance, develop, and advance the chemical and pharmaceutical sciences at York College, and to teach students about employment and research opportunities in chemistry. 

Clinical Laboratory Science Club

To promote the profession of Clinical Laboratory science by increasing the awareness and understanding of the major, and to encourage interaction between CLS students outside the classroom. 

Drama Royals Club

To encourage actors in York College as well as the York College student body to participate in the creative and technical aspects of producing a show. 

Environmental Health Club

To inform and educate students about issues concerning the environment. 

Filipino Club (IMPACT)

To introduce Filipino values and culture to the York community, to engage in activities that will strengthen the intellectual and social objectives of its members, and to provide awareness and resources about the Pacific Islands and its culture among its members and the community. 

Geology Club

To provide students with a scientific understanding of earth materials, heir properties, arrangement and distribution, as well as the dynamic processes that affect them, the historical dimension of the earth and its inhabitants, the evolutionary processes that shaped them, the geologists role in the proper planning for use of earth resources and the maintenance of the quality of the environment. 

Haitian Student Association

To educate and inform the student body about the Haitian Culture, and encourage the student body to be more involved with the culture.

Helping Hands Club

To be the voice for all York College students in helping to eliminate barriers through sensitivity and awareness, and educate others about disabilities and disability issues through social and volunteer activities for the enrichment of York College and the community. 

Hillel/EMET of York

To bring Jews closer to Judaism and help others understand the beauty of Judaism. 

Joy Intervarsity Christian Club

To share the gospel of Jesus Christ on campus with students and faculty, and to show them his love. 

Leadership Initiative Club

To equip students with core leadership competencies and attributes. 

Muslim Student Association

To offer a prayer area to the Muslim students at York College.

The National Society of Leadership and Success

The York College Chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success – Sigma Alpha Pi is a subsidiary of a nationwide organization committed in creating a lasting positive change in the lives of students and their community. This society is made up of goal-oriented individuals who come together to learn and support each other. This society helps students create and achieve their goals for a better and successful tomorrow.

Pandora's Box

Provide the student body with campus and community news.

The Physics and Pre-Engineering Club

To promote the study, interest, and enjoyment of the discipline of physics and other related fields. 

Pre-Medical Club (Cardinal Pre-Med)

To create an environment for students interested in medicine. 

Red Shoes

SEEK Student Society

To allow the students of York College to have the opportunity to enjoy the semester with activities that bring out their inner talent. 

Straight and Gay Alliance (SAGA) 

To establish a strong relationship between York College and the ever-growing LGBT community, and create a safe and comfortable place to confide in each other. 

Strategic Management

To prepare students for the corporate world and combine their knowledge of business, economics, accounting, and HR in order to become successful individuals. 

Undergraduate Research Club

 To facilitate student engagement in research, promote awareness of all things dealing with research in the university community.

York College Cheerleading Squad

To promote spirit and unity throughout the school, and to improve the quality of communication and awareness between the students and events around the school.

York College Human Resources Club

To stimulate interest in Human Resources as a career, develop decision-making and leadership skills, share ideas and exchange information, sponsor quest artists and networking opportunities, and engage in resume building.

York College Nursing Club

To promote professional growth and development, excellence in nursing, student mentorship, and community service. 

York Student Occupational Therapy Association (YSOTA)

To support, advocate, and advance occupational therapy education, and to promote student's professional development. 

York College Social Work Empowering and Encouraging Together (SWEET)

York College (YC) Social Work Empowering and Encouraging Together (SWEET) is an organization grounded in the National Association of Social Workers and Council on Social Work Eduation (CSWE) standards, and is the primary student professional organization for social work majors. In addition to working with the Department of Social Work, YC SWEET sponsors a variety of programs related to scholastic, personal, and professional development. Activities include graduate school and job fairs, and service activities with a particular emphasis on South Jamaica, Queens, New York, and global communities. YC SWEET is also actively involved in college-wide forums to bring awareness to social justice issues.