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Robinson, Heather

Robinson, Heather

Curriculum Vitae


Phone: 718-262-2479
Office Location: AC-2A02A


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  Rutgers University  Linguistics  2005 
BA  University of Sydney  English  1997 
Heather works at the intersections of Writing Studies, Applied Linguistics, Writing Program administration and Feminist Theory. With Melissa Dinsman, she also researches the works of Violet Hunt, an under-studied writer of the interwar period. Her recent works include a discussion of resisting white supremacy and colonialism in the composition classroom via taking a post-colonial approach to the teaching of writing, and explorations of feminist approaches to program administration and academic labor.

Areas of Expertise

Applied Linguistics, including translinguality and transnationality, and language identit(ies)
Writing Program Administration
Writing Studies
Feminist Administrative Practices
Violet Hunt

Books in Field Of Expertise

Robinson, Heather. Language, Diaspora, Home: Mother Tongues. : under contract, Routledge, . .

Robinson, Heather, Jonathan Hall & Nela Navarro. Translingual Identities and Transnational Realities in the College Classroom. New York: Routledge, 2020. .

Goeller, M. & Robinson, H. (eds). New Humanities Reader Instructor’s Resource Manual, 2nd edition. Boston: Houghton-Mifflin, 2005. .

Robinson, Heather. Grammar That Works: Building Your Paper from the Words Up. Boston: Pearson, 2005. .

Articles in Field Of Expertise

Dinsman, Melissa and Heather Robinson. "Connection Failure: War, Spiritualism, and Communications Media in Violet Hunt’s “Love’s Last Leave”." Women's Writing. 29.2 2022: 275-294.

Inayatulla, Shereen and Heather Robinson. "“Backwards and in high heels”: The invisibility and underrepresentation of fem(me)inist administrative labor in academia.." ATP: Administrative Theory and Praxis. 42.2 2019: 212-232.

Cripps, Michael J., Jonathan Hall and Heather M. Robinson. ""A Way to Talk about the Institution as Opposed to Just my Field”: WAC Fellowships and Graduate Student Professional Development." Across The Disciplines. 13.3 2016: n.p..

Robinson, Heather. "Sentence-Building Pedagogy and the Ethics of Grammar Instruction." American Speech. 89.2 Summer 2014: 229-242.

Cripps, Michael J. and Robinson, Heather. "Writing Program Building in a Compromised Space: The Small College in a Public University System Profile." Composition Forum. 29 February 2014: n.p..

Robinson, Heather and Jonathan Hall. "Connecting WAC and the Writing Center: Tools for Collaboration in the Disciplines." WAC Journal. 24 November 2013: 29-47.

Robinson, Heather M.. "A System for Understanding and Selecting English Articles for Advanced ESL Writers." TESOL Journal. 1.3 September 2010: 338-357.

Robinson, Heather M.. "Rethinking Writing Center Philosophy in a Post-Remediation World, or, When is a Basic Writer Not a Basic Writer?." Journal of Basic Writing. 28:2 2009: 70-92.

Kalteissen, Karen L. and Heather Robinson. "Building an Online Writing Center: Student Tutors Look to the Past to Construct a Future." Writing Lab Newsletter. 33:8 2009: 6-10.

Chapters in Field Of Expertise

Robinson, Heather and Melissa Dinsman. "The School Bus Never Came: How Crisis Shapes Writing Time." Kim Hensley Owens and Derek van Ittersum (Eds), Beyond Productivity: Embodied, Situated, and (Un)Balanced Faculty Writing Processes.. Utah State University Press forthcoming, 2023: .

Robinson, Heather. "Quantifying Service and Administration’s Exchange Value." L. Graziano, K. Halasek, S. Miller-Cochran, F. Napolitano, and N. Szymanski (eds). Making Administrative Work Visible: Data-Driven Approaches to Understanding the Labor of Writing Program Administration. Utah State University Press forthcoming, 2023: .

Robinson, Heather. "Time, Care Work and and The Working Conditions of Composition Instructors." in Hassel, H. & Cole, K. Transformations Change Work across Writing Programs, Pedagogies, and Practices.. Utah State University Press 2021: 87-104.

Robinson, Heather M.. "Post-Colonial Composition: Appropriation and Abrogation in the Composition Classroom." Milson-Whyte, V., Oenbring, R. & Jaquette, B. (Eds). Creole Composition: Academic writing and rhetoric in the Anglophone Caribbean. Parlor Press 2019: 320-342.

Refereed Proceedings in Field Of Expertise

Cripps, Michael J. and Heather Robinson. "Writing as a Site of Contention in General Education Reform." WPA 2010 Conference Proceedings of the Writing Program Administrators Conference. 1 April, 2011: 81-84.

Non Refereed Proceedings in Field Of Expertise

Robinson, Heather. "Step Away From the Text: Introducing and Supporting Innovation in the Writing Center." DisCover. Volume 3 July 2011: 29-41.

Reviews in Field Of Expertise

"Troubleshooting Classroom Discourse: Review of Susan J. Behrens' Understanding Language Use in the Classroom" American Speech, Summer 2015: 281-285.


Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Dorothy L. Sayers, Harriet Vane and the Labor of Women's Writing " June 4, 2022: The Space Between Society Annual Conference, Cleveland, OH. June 2-4, 2022.

" Creole Composition: Learning with/from Caribbean-Origin Students in US Composition Classrooms: Workshop " March 9-12, 2022: Conference on College Composition and Communication Workshop.

" Now That We’re Here: Demanding and Enacting Inclusion in Academic Spaces (with Ileana Leon and Dominique Townsend) " March 9-12, 2022: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Pleasure Activism in the Post-COVID-19 Classroom " April 7, 2021: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Mother Rhetorics of Need and Desire " March 28, 2020: Conference on College Composition and Communication (conference cancelled).

" Mother-Bodies, Desire and Well-Being in Academic Spaces " April 14, 2019: MIRCI: Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement.

" Creole Composition: Academic Writing and Rhetoric in the Anglophone Caribbean " March 12, 2019: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Language Use and Philosophical Meaning " April 20, 2018: Raritan Valley Community College Philosophy Symposium.

" "Backwards and in high heels": the invisibility and underrepresentation of fem(me)inist administrative labor in academia " April 13, 2018: CUNY Critical Pedagogies Conference.

" Dreaming of Somewhere Else: Transnational Implications for Languaging " March 16, 2018: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Translanguaging and the Art of Negotiation " March 15, 2017: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Translanguaging, Performance and Art of Negotiation " February 11, 2017: Invited Talk at the International Linguistics Association Colloquium.

" The Grammar Classroom as a Post-Colonial Space: Grammar, Literacy and Pluralizing English " April 24, 2015: International Language Association.

" The Ethics and Economics of Grammar Instruction. " March 22, 2014: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" It's Not Just Teaching: Surviving and Thriving Beyond the R1. " April 19, 2013: Rutgers University "Linguistics in the Classroom IV".

" All Englishes are Local: Revisiting the Problem of Native Speaker Status. " April 13, 2013: International Language Association.

" Grammar Empowers: Sentence-level instruction in the globalizing world. " March 16, 2013: American Association for Applied Linguistics.

" Leading from the Local: How can Writing Centers Change the Conversation on Campus? " April 14, 2012: Northeast Writing Centers Association.

" Visual and Auditory Tutoring Strategies: How Effective Are They? " June 3, 2011: Lilly Conference, Washington, D.C..

" Access or Exclusion? What Definite Descriptions Can Tell Us about Constructing Academic Authority. " April 7, 2011: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Creating a Safe Harbor While At Sea: Combining Innovation and Stability in the Writing Center. " November 4, 2010: International Writing Centers Association (with Douglas DiToro and Laurel Harris).

" All In or All Out? Writing as a Site of Contention in General Education Reform " July 16, 2010: WPA Conference (with Michael J. Cripps).

" Linguistic Activism as a Teaching Tool " March 18, 2010: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Towards a Better – and More Useful – Understanding of English Articles via Corpus Analysis " November 5, 2009: Symposium on Second Language Writing.

" Starting Over: Reimagining Writing Center-WAC Connections." Paper presented with Michael J. Cripps and Michael Broder (York College/CUNY) " March 28, 2009: Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association Conference.

" Collaborative Grammar: Making Waves in Students’ Relationships with Language " March 13, 2009: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Basic Writing in A Vacuum: Supporting Developmental Writers in a Post-Remediation World," presented with Michael J. Cripps (York College/CUNY) " February 28, 2009: Basic Composition in the Works.

" Unbounded Expertise: Crossing the Border between Grammar and WAC " May 30, 2008: International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference.

" Making Film Work as Pedagogy.” Paper presented as part of the panel “Changing Realities and Creating WAC Synergies Through Film: A Case Study of Institutional Embeddedness in Multiple Media, ” with 2 other York College faculty/staff members, and one York College student. " April 5, 2008: Conference on College Composition and Communication.

" Out of the Blue: Referential Expressions in Student Writing " April 13, 2007: Keynote Lecture at “Linguistics in the Classroom” Conference. Linguistics Department, Rutgers University.

" Interactive Grammar: Charting New Territory in an Old Landscape " April 7, 2006: College English Association Annual Conference.


PSC-CUNY Trad A, Translingual Identities and Transnational Realities in the U.S. College Classroom. Submitted December 2018: $3588 (not funded).

Center for Advancing Opportunity, Understanding College Preparedness in a New York City Fragile Community. April 2018: $267,286 (not funded).

PSC-CUNY Trad B, Anger (in) Management: How Anger Structures Women’s Educational Leadership.. 2018-2019: $5999.78 (funded).

National Endowment for the Humanities, Humanities Connections Planning Grant, Queering Our Curriculum: Developing an LGBTQ+ Studies minor and certificate at York College/CUNY. submitted October 17, 2017: $35,000 (not funded, resubmitted September 2018).

Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Labor Studies, (Under)Represented: Academic Workers, Invisible Labor and Union Representation. With Shereen Inayatulla. Submitted January 5, 2018: $5450 (not funded).

CUNY Office of Academic Affairs, Globalizing the Curriculum: Developing a World Englishes minor at York College (Co-written with Matt Garley). Submitted April 19, 2017: $23,500 (not funded).

Standing Group on the Status of Women in the Profession, CCCC Childcare Grant. March 16-18, 2017: $250 (funded).

PSC-CUNY Grant, The Ethics and Economics of Grammar Instruction. July 2013 - June 2014: $1785 (funded).

CUNY Coordinated Undergraduate Education, Embedded Tutoring in English 125 and Math 120: A Course Redesign Project. Spring 2013 - Spring 2014: $39,770 (funded).

CETL Faculty Grant, Step Away from the Text: Alternatives to Writing-Based Resources for the Writing Center. 2009-2010: $3000 (funded).

PSC-CUNY Grant, Constructing A Common Ground: A Corpus-Based Study of Definite and Demonstrative Descriptions. July 2008 - June 2009: $4000 (funded).

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

Reviewer, Teaching English at the Two-Year College (TETYC): 2017-present.

Reviewer, College Composition and Communication: 2016-present.

Reviewer, TESOL Quarterly: 2013-present.

Reviewer, TESOL Journal: 2013-present.